Używana KOSME WEIGHBLOCK 16-6 P 2012 na sprzedaż

Linie nalewnicze do oleju jadalnego KOSME, Zespół MachinePoint będzie Ci towarzyszył przez cały proces zakupu maszyny.

Dane techniczne maszyny używanej KOSME WEIGHBLOCK 16-6 P

Ref.: 300042628

Rok: 2012

Marka: KOSME

Stan: na sprzedaż

Dostępność: Natychmiastowa

Specyfikacja techniczna:

Wydajność: 3000 U/h

Wielkość Butelki: 1lt -2lt -5lt -10lt

Zawory Napełniania Głowic: 16

Materiał Butelki:Plastic

Inne specyfikacje:

Products: Edible Oil
Bottle type (basic): 1lt -2lt -5lt -10lt volume
PET closing type: PP screw-cap 38mm neck
Labels: paper (not from roll)
End package format: Carton
Tray: Euro-type
Line capacity - 3000 bottles/h
The capacity is calculated on the basis of a 10 l PET bottle

The line includes:

Compressor: Kaeser CSD 125 + Kaeser Booster
Blower:Kosme KSB 2XL Stretch Blow Moulder serial - Max Output 3,000 bph - Preform Dumper included - Chiller MTA TAE EVO 81 included
Conveyors Kosme Bottle/jar VACUUM conveyors Vacuum type conveyor system, for plastic poor stability containers handling
Monobloc: Kosme WEIGHBLOCK 16/1440 6/540 FC Rotary - adjustable height type machine, suitable to fill glass or plastic bottles
Cap elevators and cap conveyors MECHANICAL CAP ELEVATOR
Filling Nitrodoser
Handle Applicator: And&Or 50 SIA
Labeller: Kosme EXTRA HM 4/720 CE Sh1 E1 Sa1 E1 - Rotary type automatic labelling machine, suitable to handle metal, plastic or glass containers
Coder - SMALL SIZE LETTERS CODING UNIT (Videojet VJ1510) Ink-jet coding unit VIDEOJET model VJ1510 ;distribution: CICRESPI spa - Italy
Carton packers and Blocks Kosme ACEPACK 2/4T
Carton erectors Kosme FORMAPACK h 1200 Cy/h Automatic machine suitable for the forming of american-type cartons.
Machine to collect and form cartons by means of suction cup gripping devices fitted on lever systems with handling guides.
When the carton is formed the machine gets the bottom laps to be closed by Hot-Melt glue, then a pressor-operated procedure
Carton sealing units Kosme SEALPACK h 1200 c/h
Palletizers Kosme PAL MEC ARM PS A /120 – Automatic layer palletizer w/single fixed column provided w/mobile arm, suitable to palletize cartons, bundles or crates on a single pallet sized 1200x800;EUROPALLEt ; and 1200x1000, w/maximum height 2100 mm, incl. of. pallet. Main machine provided w/one-infeed layer preformation structure, complete w/pushing device and layer robot. The machine is complete w/perimetral guardings, switchboard and operators panelboard w/swinging arm.
Stretch film wrappers Revolution LS Stretch film wrapper with rotating arm
Bottle/jar conveyors BOTTLE/JAR CONVEYORS Pet Pet bottle/jar conveyor system, as shown in the relevant - attached layout drawing
Bundle/CARTON conveyors BUNDLE/CARTON CONVEYORS Bundle/carton conveyor system, as shown in the relevant - attached layout drawing
Electric plant - AUTOMATION ELECTRIC PLANT – AUTOMATION Automation electric plant ;i.e. conveyors control plus signal interchange among the machines present on the line

The line has only 600 working hours and is available immediately!

Pozostałe dane:

Gwarancja: Bez gwarancji

Kondycja: Maszyna obecnie pracuje

Dostępność: Natychmiastowa

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