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Used Palletizing machine: MAS HP2 of 2005

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Palletizing machine - MAS - HP2

Data Sheet of Used MAS HP2

Ref.: 300043052

Brand: MAS

Year: 2005

Other Specifications:

Palletizer for UHT milk cartons, fully automatic


Year: 2005

capacity 600 cartons/tray to 1.800 cartons/trays per hour

In the past this offered machine has palletize
milk cartons/trays with 2x5 single packaging
for 1,0 and 0,5 ltr cartons with 2 palletizing places.

Capacity overview and some details
of the whole plant:
Euro Palette: 1.200 x 800 x 144 mm
or ½ Palette: 600 x 800 x 144 mm
weight: 700 kg
Palette transport high ca. 300 mm to 500 mm
Pallet high with palette 1.150 mm to 1.600 mm
Tray size: L: 370/375, B: 147/150, H: 235/240 mm
capacity for two pallet places:
20 Palettes per hour
12.000 litre per hour = 1.200 Trays/hour =
80 layer per hour
5 Layers per palette
stable welded frame 100 % out of
stainless steal
compact construction
with empty palette magazine
with complete cover grids
with palette roller conveyor

main impulsion with Step gear
motors are servo steered
automatic control with Siemens S 7
control panel Siemens OP 17
sensors from IFM
pneumatic from Festo
motors from SEW

Length x width of the machine: 7,83 m x 4,85 m,

High of the both gripper poles: 4,90 m

Electronic cabinet of the palletizer machine:
(LxBxH) 1,20 x 0,35 x 2,22 m with frame)

Siemens S 7 automatic system.