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Used Wicket bag making machine: LEMO INTERmat STN 600 of 2019

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Wicket bag making machine - LEMO - INTERmat STN 600

Data Sheet of Used LEMO INTERmat STN 600

Ref. : 300043100

Brand: LEMO

Year: 2019

Other Specifications:

High Performance Bag Making Line for the production of Wicket Bags

equipped with:
- Servo drive technology with up to 10 servo motors depending on machine equipment
- COMPUTRONIC function control
- Main operation by touch screen
- Product data memory and order repeat
- Accessories with interface for product data programming (pre-positioning of accessories)
in web flow direction
- Motorised adjustment of blow-off air on the wicketter, during production

Technical specification:
Bag width (draw length): 100 - 420 mm

Complete line consisting of:
1 FAU-SL 1350/1200
Shaftless Unwind Unit
Unwind width: min. 400 mm
max. 1350 mm
Film reel-Ø: max. 1200 mm
Pick up height: 200 mm

Equipped with:
- Surface drive with frequency controlled AC motor
- Shaftless reel lifting device
- Left and right arm for reel support movable, individually and together
- Chucks for inner core diameter 74 - 76 mm
- Ultrasonic sensing head for edge guide system
- Reel lifting unit hydraulic/motorised
- Electrical supply
- Electronically controlled zero point offset by max. +/- 5 mm during operation in automatic mode

1 Adapter chuck for 6.0“ inner core diameter
Accumulator Unit
Clamping aid
Folding Board for forming a semi-tube

Bottom Gussetter for unilateral formation of a bottom gusset Bottom gusset depth: 30 - 80 mm
Wheel for longitudinal perforation to produce a tear-open perforation in the lip area.
Punching Bridge for Ventilation Holes.
Form Sealing Unit for presealing unit, edge sealing unit, round bottom sealing and cutting unit and edge sealing and cutting unit.
Form Sealing Tool "pre-sealing” permanently heated upper and lower sealing bar without scrap
Form Sealing Tool “round bottom sealing and cutting”
Form Sealing Tool “edge sealing and cutting”
Form Sealing Tool ”edge sealing”
Scrap removal unit
Suction unit for scrap removal
SERVO Dual Hole Punch for wicket hole punching

Delivery date: February 2022

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