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Used NGR S GRAN 065-70 V HD of 2015 for sale

Single screw repelletizing line NGR, The team at MachinePoint is constantly looking for the best offer of machinery all over the world in order to offer our clients attractive and quality machinery.

Data Sheet of Used NGR S GRAN 065-70 V HD

Ref. : 300043186

Year: 2015

Brand: NGR

Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Screw Diameter: 65 mm

Output Capacity: 170 kg/h

Screw L/D Ratio: 21

Degassing System:Yes

Heating Power (Extruder): 12 kW

Type Of Die Head:Die-face


Type Of Screen Changer:Hydraulic

Other Specifications:

LDPE film, mouldings, trays, tapes, sheets output 130-170 kg/h
LLDPE film. mouldings, trays, tapes, sheets 120-140 kg/h
HDPE film, mouldings, trays, tapes, sheets 120-140 kg/h
PC mouldings, trays, tapes, sheets 125-145 kg/h
ABS mouldings, trays, tapes, sheets 130-170 kg/h
CPP film, bales 120-160 kg/h
BOPP film, bales 120-160 kg/h
EPS compacted blocks 120-160 kg/h

Conveyor belt incl. metal detector
Length of belt: 6000 mm Width of belt: 800 mm Drive: 1,5 kW
Belt speed: 0,2 m/s

Shredder-feeder-extruder combination S:GRAN 065-70
Cooled shreddershaft

The hydraulically operated slider pushes the waste material towards the rotating shredder shaft. This slider is controlled by the amperage of the shaft drive to reach a constant output of the extruder. The material is cut between rotating and stationary blades. The cut material is axially transportad, friction heated and compressed and then fed into the extruder, where the melting and mixing are taking place. The bimetallic (more wear resistant) extruder has a heating- cooling combination which is equipped with melt pressure and melt temperature sensors. The extruder screw is nitrogen hardened and has armoured flanks far additional wear resistance. The whole plant including the screen changer, pelletizing unit and downstream equipment is PLC controlled

Technical data:
Hopper capacity: 1 m3 [35 ft3]
Width of shredder shaft: 770 mm [30,31 inches]
Hydraulic aggregate: 3,5 / 4,5 kW
Screw diameter: 65 mm [2,56 inches]
LD ratio: 21
Heating capacity: 12 kW
Shredder/Cutter motor 37 kW
Extruder motor 45 kW (E065)
Adjustable speed far extruder screw
Drive motor 45 kW

Adjustable speed for the cutter drive

Modular venting system
The modular venting system is used to achieve additional venting of the melt. It is consisting of an extension of screw and barrelt, a vacuum pump, two more heating zones and a frame.

Technical Data:
Screw diameter: 65 mm [2,56 inchesl Screw length: 16 UD
Heating capacity: 13 kW

Vacum Pump VP045

Technical Data:
Power: 2,2 kW
Vacuum capacity: 45 m3/h
Vacuum pressure: 33 mbar

Closed watercircuit on vacuum system
To reduce fresh water requirement far the vacuum pump. The number of exchanges of the cooling water is dependent on the contamination of the processed material.

Kreyenborg Screen changer
Used far continuous melt filtration. 2 hydraulically driven pistons contain the filters, which can be changed wlthout stopping the process (1 stays in operation, the other can be changed). Process is adjusted accordingly via melt pressure before screen changer.

Technical data:
Screen slze In operatlon: 2x 70 cm1 (2 x 10,85 inches'l
Screen dlameter : 96,3 mm (3,79 lnches}
Screens: 2
Heatlng capaclty : 12 kW
Hydraullc drlve: 2,2 kW

Water-ring pelletlzlng unlt
Consisting of water-rlng pelletizing head , water channel far transportatíon and cooling of the pellets, water separation and cooling of the pellets , water sepperation and drying unit. Made of stainless steel.

Technical data:
Motor of pelletizer: 1,5 kW
No. of blades: 2
Motor of centrifuge: 1,5 kW
Waterpump : 1,5 kW
Heating capacity: 3 kW

Automatic adjustment of speed of Pelletizing unit

Variable Speed for Pelletizer Centrifuge
The rotor speed of the Centrifuge is adjustable between 50% and 120% of the nominal speed.

Additional die plate for PP

Cyclone Silo Combination for pellets
The pellets are transported vía an air tan into a cyclone far drying and from there the pellets go into a storage silo of approx. 0,8 m3 [28 ft3] volume. From the storage silo the pellets can be filled into a big bag or an octabin vía a manual slider.

Technical data:
Air fan: 1,5 kW
Length of pipe work: 1O m [33 ft]
Diameter of pipe work: 160 mm (6,3 inches]

Remote maintenance
Remote maintenance modem far internet based remota troubleshooting and remate assistance

Optionals: Chiller and Compressor (ask for offer if interested)

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown with material

Availability: Immediate

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