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Ref. : 300043253

Rok: 2003


postavení: Na prodej

Dodací lhůta: Bezprostřední

Technické Specifikace :

Ostatní Specifikace:

Complete PET Filling Line for CSD

Capacity of 12,000 bottles / h
Neck : 1881 PCO
Formats: 2 x 2000ml (9,000 bph) , 1500ml , 850ml and 700ml (12,000 bph)

Line consists of:

Compressor : Atlas Copco P132-50 compressor kit, power: 132 kW
Maximum working pressure: 40 Bar, production date: 2011 - refurbished in 2020

Blow molding machine KOSME model: KSB 6R, year of production 2011
It has 6 blowing stations. The maximum blowing speed is 12,000 bottles per hour, and the maximum size is 3.0l
(the offer does not include blow molds for the 0.85l and 0.7l format)

Monobloc : SIG, Bluestar 2000 Type: 60-40-10 from 2003
In 2021, the filler underwent a major renovation by SIDEL

Washer : SIG, from 2003 , 40 nozzels

Capping Machine : SIG, production date: 2003
In 2016, the capping machine was modernized, equipping it with 10 new RIMTEC capping heads, the capping machine has chucks adapted to plastic caps - PCO 1881 thread type

Cap feeder :The filling machine is equipped with an automatic cap feeder. Max capacity: 20,000 pcs / hour In 2014, an automatic octabin tippler was added

Water ozonation system rinsing empty bottles

Mixer : ADUE, model : 120 DF PMX 03008 from 2003
Machine output - 18,000 l / h

Bottle Inspectors
Full packaging inspector HEUFT, from 2011

SPECTRUM controller enables non-contact inspection of containers and automatic separation of defective units
The controller consists of several components (SPECTRUM TX basic device, single-belt transport line, tact generator, and defective unit separator
Recommended diameter of containers from 40 mm to 120 mm
Maximum capacity of 72,000 containers per hour
The height of the containers from 150 mm to 360 mm
Distance between containers 50% of the container diameter

Full packaging inspector SICK from 2016

It is equipped with two SICK cameras, an operator panel, and an ejector for the separation of defective missing plugs
The controller enables the detection of defective units within the 360 degree field of vision
Has the ability to remotely operate and configure

Bottles transport: ALL GLASS, Production year 2011
In 2014, the conveyors leading the bottles out of the pouring machine and the lining system were added

Printer DOMINO A100


Labeller : PE ,model : PE EXECUTIVE TIPO from 2000
Fully renovated and modernized by VS Label Tech in 2014. The drives, cams were renovated, a new control cabinet was installed, and a completely new PLC control was added. It has a 0.85 L and 0.7 L bottle format prepared for work
Cold bonding for paper labels (main and counter)
The labeller is equipped with two stations with label magazines, each station has 5 label transfer pads. A carousel with 14 rotating plates. The labeller can stick four labels to one bottle

Model: OPERA 200 RF from 2010

Model: MSW450 / C, from 2011

Comag handle aplicator, machine model: H40 / 1, from 2011

Palletizer SACMI PAKIM DYNAMIC PS from 2007

Pallet Wrapper : SACMI TOSA, model: 095, from 2007

Line in perfect working condition. and available immediately!

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