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Used TOTANI FD-60DL68 of 2016 for sale

Pouch making machine TOTANI, The team at MachinePoint will accompany you through the whole process of buying the machine.

Data Sheet of Used TOTANI FD-60DL68

Ref. : 300043378

Technical Specifications:

Welding Width: 1600 mm

Bag Length (Max): 600 mm

Cycles Per Minute: 150 U/min

Film Speed: 45 m/min

Other Specifications:

FD-60DL68 HIGH SPEED BAG MAKING MACHINE with Transverse Direction EL-ZIP Applicator: Type I-500T/FD60V

This machine can flat seal, gusset seal and 4 side seal pouches

Film (Bag material): Laminated film
Web size:
Maximum diameter : 800mm
Maximum width : 1,600mm

Heaters and Coolers:
Longitudinal heater No.1 : 1 set (640mm length/ 180mm width)
Longitudinal heater No.2 : 1 set (640mm length/ 180mm width)
Longitudinal cooler No.2 : 1 set (640mm length/ 180mm width)
Cross heater : 3 sets (640mm length/ 60mm width)
Cross heater : 2 sets (640mm length/200mm width)
Cross cooler : 3 sets (640mm length/200mm width)

Range of bag size
(A) Bag without gusset
Bag width : 200 to 450mm – 2 x Gusset
Bag length : 000 to 600mm
Gusset depth : 45 to 140mm
Gusset depth : 30 to 140mm (without bottom punch)

Production rate
(A) Cycling speed :
Maximum 150 bags/min. (without gusset)
Maximum 100 bags/min. (with gusset)
(B) Linear film speed : Maximum 45 meters/min.

Range of Punch size (For Handle) :80mm x 140mm
Range of Thomson punch size :¡:90mm x 130mm

Electric consumption : Approx. 26Kw, Approx. 100KVA *
Power source : 200V with +/- 10% allowance, 50 or 60 Hz, 3-phase
Note: A transformer will be equipped.

Water consumption : Approx. 10 liters/min. Note: Must be clean cooling water.
Air consumption : Approx. 10 N-liters/min. of 6 kg/c ㎡
Note: If using notch or punch device, compressed air will be Moreover required approx. 15 N-liters /min per one.

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Voltage: 26 Kw

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