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Vstřikovací lis až do 250 Ton. WITTMANN BATTENFELD

Záznamový List Použitý Stroj WITTMANN BATTENFELD Micro Power 5

Ref. : 300043743

Rok: 2019


postavení: Na prodej

Dodací lhůta: Bezprostřední

Technické Specifikace :

Upínací síla: 5 ton

Shot Weight (Max): 1 g

Velikost desky (H): 240 mm

Platen Size (V): 400 mm

šroub Průměr: 14 mm

Mold Výška (Min): 100 mm

Daylight Between Platens (Max): 320 mm

Otevíracím zdvihem (max): 100 mm

Core Pulls:Yes

Number Of Core Pulls: 2

Šroub L / D poměr: 20

Injection Volume: 1.2 cm³

Injection Pressure: 3000 bar

Plasticising Capacity: 1 g/s

Topný výkon: 1.38 kW


Ostatní Specifikace:

Almost no working hours.
Dryer and Robot included, info below.
INTERFACE: Euromap 63

-2x Pneumatic core pull for clamping platen incl. Pneumatic regulator

-Additional pressure controller 0 to 10 bar

-Pneumatic maintenance unit incl. pressure regulation

-Nickel plated platen in lieu of standard

-Rotary unit

-Complete injection unit in AK+ in lieu of standard

-CAN-Bus interface for Wittmann Dryer integrated (incl. power supply)
Compatible with the following dryers: E30, E60 and PDC versions of these devices, F30, F70, F120 and the BS6 versions of these devices

-Interface fully integration of robot incl. Ethernet switch (ATTENTION: without power supply)

-Interface for plant data collection system per Euromap 63 standard network connection via RJ45 Ethernet connector
Scope of service: - Interface according to EUROMAP 63 - Ethernet RJ45 socket on the switch cabinet side wall

-Temperature control zone for mould heating - 1,38 kW / 6 A
- Heater connector Hirschmann Type Stakap 2
- Thermocouple connector type J
- Mounted on nozzle platen, operator side

-Signal tower on the machine:
acoustic element
signal lamp WHITE at voltage on
signal lamp YELLOW at advanced warning
signal lamp RED at failure

-Integration package WITTMANN 4.0 IP - 1 consisting of:
2 IP addresses for 2x TCU or 4 temperature circuits

-2x Single phase socket, 16A
1x CEE socket, 16A

-Levelling pads

-Mould area lamp with on/off function per B8 keyboard

-Visualisation for camera control
The camera images are shown online in the Wittmann Battenfeld UNILOG B8 controller.
VGA connection for an external display
USB port for a USB mouse or to save the camera images

# Camera quality control standard consisting of:
- carrier unit for camera and lighting mounted upon high speed servo axis for lateral positioning (1000 mm/s with up to 5 teachable positions)
- COGNEX high resolution camera (1,92 MP b/w, c-mount)
- standard optic lens (c-mount, focal distance 25, aperture 1,4 to 16)
- Lens Spacer Extension Tube Kit (0,5mm to 40mm)
- LED ring light (red) with diffuser
- interface cable to vertical Scara robot W8VS2 (I/O extension on robot 8080-010 not included)
- Ethernet connection cable
- COGNEX software for programming
- simple program routine for checking of up to 8 cavities prearranged Only in connection with a Vertical Scara W8VS2

-placing of parts: non.operator side
X1-axis: 480 mm SS3
X2-axis: 290 mm SS3
C-axis: Servo adapter: standard

-Robot control: Wittmann CNC 8-control integration in Micro Power
emergency stop block
Wittmann R8 Touch-screen hand pendant

-Interface ROB: interface to Battenfeld IMM; incl. 1 pc vacuum circuit (venturi) with vacuum monitoring
incl. 1 pc valve 5/2 monostable

Additional equipment:
-3x additional valve
-2x additional vacuum circuit (venturi) with Blow-off function i/o option (1 x 8i/8o in control cabinet) External i/o option: external i/o distribution box including 24i/24o, thereof 8o potential free i/o box for cognex CIO micro in control cabinet 1x add. servo control (sanyo) in control cabinet for camera
Danger boundary zone- production with lowered or open machine safety door

consisting of:
1 pce. gripper for 2 cavities
1 pce. Insertpart-preparation
1 pce. Transferstation

gripper for 2 cavities
Description: The insert parts will be gripped mechanically. To insert the parts into the mould a pneumatic movement is provided. Sensors will monitor the presence of the parts coninuously. Center pins in mould and gripper will ensure the exact positioning.

Description: Bowl and linear feeder (for separating the bulk material) The vibration bowl feeder is mounted beside (left) the IMM. The insert parts will be transferred via a linear feeder into the IMM. At the End of the linear feeder, the parts will be separated and orientated by the turnover module.

Description: 2 pieces cavity plates on 2 separate linear Axis (2 pcs. shuttle) transfer module between shuttle and EOAT (for repositioning and centering the insert parts) After the separation the parts are getting in the cavity plates. The shuttle drives into the transfer module. The Transfer module pushes the parts into the EOAT.

Operating voltage: 3x380V-415V 50Hz
Connection power: 10A/3kW
Heating capacity/circuit: 0,8-1kW at 380-415V
Cooling capacity/circuit: Plain tube heat exchanger (made of stainless steel) 16kW at dT=75°C (indirect cooling) Enhanced cooling is selectable via menu
Pump capacity/circuit: enhanced with Magnetic coupling, (made of stainless steel) 0,5kW; max. 27 l/min; max. 4,6bar at 50Hz
Water supply/return: G 3/8" internal thread
Mold supply/return: G 3/8" internal thread
Y-strainer in water supply: G 3/8" internal thread
Mesh: 0,3mm
Mold purging: by pump, unlimited volume
Main connection: cable 4m, incl. 16A CEKON plug Special-SE: Interface Wittmann 4.0 with RJ45 socket, integrated solution exclusively for Battenfeld IMM
Special-2: Execution Battenfeld consisting of special wheels and damper on frame

### DRYMAX MIKRO F2-15-SP ###
Dryer: for drying of plastic granules with two desiccant beds for constant air quality climate independent dew point microprocessor control with function display and fault indication
MSF-Material Saver Function avoids over drying and thermal deterioration of the material energy efficient counter air flow regeneration via pressure cycles communication via CAN Bus interface compressed air controlled with a pressure sensor timer and pre-drying function SMARTFLOW automatic control of air flow to allow optimum drying even with fluctuating resin demand

-Drying hopper: insulated stainless steel drying hopper reduction tube for adjustable hopper volume
2 one hopper with multiple drying areas glass center section for optical level control removable hopper on slide guiding
incl. hopper lid with flange for filling hopper manual slide gate for easy material discharging complete with cover plate

-Filling hopper: self locking toggle latch for easy remove of lid or loader glass center section for optical level control

*Technical information: compressed air connection: quick-lock coupling NB 7,2
-compressed air pressure: 5 up to 7 bar
-electrical power supply: 230V/1Ph.;N;50/60 Hz

#### The injection molding machine is equipped with servo-electric respectively frequency converter controlled drive systems and produces higher leakage current through the connected protective conductor PE! ###

Ostatní Detaily:



Dostupnost: Bezprostřední

Voltage: 230 V
, Voltage: 400 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 1.5 Kw
Full Electric

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