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Used COMCO Commander of 1998 for sale

Label flexo printing machines COMCO, MachinePoint offers their clients all the services necessary to buy the machine: Transport, dismantling, and legal consultancy.

Data Sheet of Used COMCO Commander

Ref. : 300043790

Technical Specifications:

Number Of Colours: 7

Printing Width: 457.2 mm

Maximum Unwind Diameter: 1000 mm

Other Specifications:

Materials: PET, BOPP, PP, paper and cardboard paper
Maximum mechanical speed 201 m/min
Double electric drying by 7KW three-phase banks in each station with original temperature control double SET POINT to choose when it is on or off.
Flow controls (DAMPER) for injection and suction.
FIFE guide.
15" WARNER electric brake.
Material breakage sensor for automatic stop.
Laminating unit.
Feeding unit with rocker arm to maintain stable tension at material infeed to the stations.
In-line die-cutting unit and STACKER table (conveyor belt) for labels.
Turning unit to install between stations and reverse the material side.
Second unwinder unit with pneumatic brake with proportional control for materials to be laminated.
CANTILEVER double shaft rewinder unit.
The units have sensors to monitor the status and position thanks to a central control with MITSUBISHI touch screen.
BST video system.
Doctor blade (ink chamber and clamps, HARPER ceramic rollers).
OPALTONE or CMYK system (4 inks + 3 COLORS) for 7 stations available or optional 8 colors.
Can laminate in line with cold lamination or with hot roller on station 8.

Peripheral equipment:
Compressor 15 hp with dryer (Optional).
Drying oven and UV lamp
Hotmelt applicator
Thermal to heat the lamination unit.
8 Pneumatic pumps
Photopolymers assembler
Revision table
Air extraction and introduction motors.
Film inversion system
Roll to sheet cutting system

Rollers (mm x quantity)
248 x 5
302 x 7
334 x 9
337 x 9
417 x 5
432 x 5
474 x 9
490 x 8
406 x 6
447,3 x 6
488,6 x 6
507,6 x 6
517,1 x 6
285 x 7
291 x 9
321 x 7
331 x 7
339 x 7
350 x 7
369 x 7
382 x 7
425 x 7
432 x 7
435 x 5
439 x 6
448 x 7
469 x 6
482 x 7
491 x 6

Anilox (Linearity/ BCM/ Utility)

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

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