Used THERMOWARE THW 100LB of 2020 for sale

2020 | Ref.: 300043887

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Data Sheet of Used THERMOWARE THW 100LB

Ref.: 300043887

Year: 2020


For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Description: Labeling machine Thermoware THW LB100

Other Specifications:

Labeling machine Thermoware THW LB100 complete with:
Automatic system for feeding the cups into the machine
Head for mandrels and a head for labeling equipment
Label wrapping system with upper label clamp, lower label clamp with small left and right and large left and right wrapping paws
Driven by the main 1.5 kW electric motor for: mandrels, head for labeling equipment and label wrapping system through gear and cam drives
Vacuum plate for labels
Label store
Indicator sensors: cup loading system, cup absence on the mandrel, label, label stock, encoder zero point, handwheel, loading table and loading conveyor
System of heating and supply of glue melt Nordson
System for issuing and stacking labeled cups with a separate controller and automatic counting
Machine meets the requirements of the EC safety standard
Speed of the machine is adjustable
Max. rated speed of the machine: 100 glasses per minute
Main motor consumption: 1,5 kW, 3Ph
Pneumatic system with electrically controlled valves and a 10 liter receiver (compressed air supply with a pressure of 6 atm is required, a flow rate of 0.2 m3 per minute)
Sound and light alarm system
Central PLC controller Hitachi EH 150
Control console with a touch display with the ability to work in 4 languages and an encoder on the main shaft
Protective fencing with safety sensors on each door

LB100 SET FOR CUP: diameter 95mm, volume 422.6 cm3
The kit is designed to operate the machine with a specific cup size
8 mandrels for planting cups on them, with clamps for labels
Label clamping systems
Header for hot melt applicator
Table for feeding labels of various sizes
Label feeding system for the size of the label
Cup feeding system for the size of the cups
Outstanding stacker

The labels used in this machine must be made of standard paper with a minimum density of 150g/m2, which can be manufactured locally in any country in the world. The machine wraps a label around the cup and sticks it on, for which the machine has a heating system for the adhesive melt. A pre-printed label with a specific shape inserts into the magazine of the machine in the range from 1 to 2500 pieces.
This is a high-performance labelling machine and can be applied to all types of cups made of, for example, EPS, PS, PP, paper or other pre-specified materials.
A special set of tooling parts is designed to work in this case with a round cup with an outside diameter of 95 mm. a height of 99.5 mm and a total capacity of 422.6 cm3

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Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown in dry cycle

Availability: Immediate

Voltage: 400 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz

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Other Machines - THERMOWARE - THW 100LB - Ref.300043887

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