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Used Mounter proofer: CENTRAFLEX Type III of 1994

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Mounter proofer - CENTRAFLEX - Type III

Data Sheet of Used CENTRAFLEX Type III

Ref.: 300044088


Year: 1994

Other Specifications:

Dimensions : 3 000x 1 800 x H : 1 400mm
Mounting via macro-perforations of 5mm in the plates.
Mechanized raising and lowering of the cylinder, manual rotation and pressing.
Manual adjustment of the positioning pins and of the divider position.

Machine able to work on carriers up to 2030mm and developments at least up to 1000mm thanks to an adjustable mounting table (See photos with several positions).
Currently equipped with a 1270 shaft (presser in 1300mm) of 105.158mm base.
Only the shaft has to be changed for a different width or base; if the base is bigger a carrier can be adapted on the existing one.

The advantages of this macro-perforation technique are the extreme robustness (no electronics) and the productivity (very fast mounting).
Machine from 1994, works perfectly with a preventive mechanical revision in 2016.
Layout of the divider published (see picture)