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Used Rotary compression moulding press: SACMI CCM 003 of 2009

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Rotary compression moulding press - SACMI - CCM 003

Data Sheet of Used SACMI CCM 003

Ref.: 300044147

Brand: SACMI

Year: 2009

Other Specifications:

Complete compression moulding machine SACMI CCM003 from 2009

CCM 2009 @ 32 281 hrs
PMD 2009 @ 25 996 hrs
FSM 2009 @ 6966 hrs

The line includes:

Compression Moulding machine CCM 003
Set of tools (AB28-1810)
Set of Tools (AB 45mm)Gravimetric mixer MDW 70
Automatic compound feeding units
Folding & Slitting
Cap Orientator
Jet Stream conveyor
FSM cutting folding machine
Lining Machine
PMD 200 compound liner
Auto Compound feed unit


CVS 2000 Vison controls for CCM
CVS 2000 Vision Control for PMD 200

In very good condition and well mantained

Available immediately