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MAMATA Vegaplus 1020 2015 技术参数

袋式制袋机 MAMATA

二手 MAMATA Vegaplus 1020 技术参数

联系我们 : 300044252

生产年份: 2015


状态: 待售

交货时间: 现货


焊接宽度: 1000 mm

袋长(最大值): 820 mm

袋长(最小): 50 mm

生产周期: 210 U/min

成膜速度: 50 m/min


Electrical Power 220/240/380/415/480 VAC +/- 6% 50/60HZ
Total connected load 35KVA
Air consumption : 1200L/min
Water requirements : 20LPM

Bag length min/max : Minimum Bag size Possible: 50mm (W) x 50mm (L) and Maximum Bag size as 1000 mm (W) x 820 mm (L)
Welding width : Sealing tools are of 16 mm ( So, on Pouch each side can be of 8 mm width )
Bag Types: Three Side seal Vacuum Pouches from PA/PE, PE/PA/PE
Lanes : up to 4 lanes
Roll width: 1000 mm wide maximum roll width
Roll diameter: mm: 600 mm
Web Guide: Yes
Photoelectric cell: Yes - Datalogic
Control Panel: Mamata Make Microprocessor
Punching unit : V knotch and Euro holes

Basic machine with 1220mm wide double roll unwinder with edge guide
Airshaft and film reel exhaust sensor, 2x

Independent servo nip and dancer
sealing zone - 2 with 2900mm long platform
sealing zone - 1 with 2950mm long platform
Servo driven secondary index, CE safety, film Jam detection system
4 x servo driven transverse sealing/cooling module with tools
3 x servo driven long sealing/cooling module with tools
2 x euro hole punching unit (30x10x7mm) with slug collector
2 x V noth punch unit on one trolley, conveyor with stacking tray


保修: 无保修

运作情况: 生产状态

可供状态: 现货

Voltage: 460 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz




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