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Used Compounding extrusion lines: LEISTRITZ ZSE 75 HP + MIC 27/GL 44D of 2001

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Compounding extrusion lines - LEISTRITZ - ZSE 75 HP  +  MIC 27/GL 44D

Data Sheet of Used LEISTRITZ ZSE 75 HP + MIC 27/GL 44D

Ref.: 300044453


Year: 2001

Other Specifications:


* Technological equipment laboratory division

- Complete Leistritz laboratory extrusion line, replica of the industrial version, twin-screw corotating 27 mm, 44/48 l/d, with K-Tron 4-component gravimetric dosing system and side feeder for fibre/mineral fillers, Plastic Sistems dehumidifier, dual cutting system: GALA Maps 5 for all polymers including low melt, spaghetti cut for materials including filled materials
- SSP RC350 laboratory drying/polymerisation system
- Sandretto press with moulds
- Perkin Elmer DSC complete with dedicated PC and scale
- HDT Vicat Ceast
- DGTS Testing Pendulum
- Test press
- Viscometer for polymers in acid solution
- Melt index Dynisco
- Laboratory oven for drying/various tests
- Laboratory scales
- Various equipment
- Dedicated equipment walls
- New Air fume extraction system

** Technological equipment production division

- Dryer for Moretto granule, 500 kg/h, with loading system from octabins and big bags
- Dryer for flake with humidity control unit without crystallisation Plastic Sistems up to 400 kg/h, with pneumatic bag emptying system for low-slide slabs, specific pneumatic transport for light slabs
-Complete extrusion line Leistritz twin-screw corotating 44/48 l/d 75mm, up to 500 kg/h, with gravimetric dosing system for up to 10 components, 4 K-Tron feeders and side feeder for fibre/mineral fillers, 6 Gminor gravimetric feeders and horizontal mixer, double cutting system: GALA PODV-5 20 for all polymers - also low melt, spaghetti cut for all materials - also filled
- Transport systems for high temperatures and abrasive materials, double Buhler fluidised bed crystallisation, ambient air cooler, fully integrated by Plastic Systems
- No. 3 Storage silos with conveyor
- N. 2 Bagging/weighing machines for octabins and/or big bags with automatic scales
- Paglierani bagging machine
- New Air fume extraction systems

INCLUDES: Dismantling and loading (valued in 60.000 EUR)