Used Extrusion lines for coating machines

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CMR - Coating 1200

Extrusion lines for coating1999


Extrusion lines for coating2001


Extrusion lines for coating2012SOLD

STARLINGER - Stacotec 1300

Extrusion lines for coating1996SOLD
CMR Coating 1200 - MachinePoint

CMR Coating 1200 - 1999

Machine produces / Utilizes Termoplastic based (PP or PE derivatives and rubber based) extrusion coating material
Diameter of the roll : 1000 mm
Maximum working width: 1350 mm
Minimum working widht: 600 mm
Gravimetrics Plast Control Type: GDCN 4100 AS +3 D
T-die : 1400 mm
Extruder 1 (Installed) : Reiloy 120x4480 mm
(Basic Material 1.8550 plasma-nitrided Spiral and mixing part...


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