Used Edible oil filling lines for sale

Get on MachinePoint and explore our inventory of used Edible oil filling lines machines, their specifications and state of maintenance. Edible oil filling lines Stork, Serac, Alfatek
 Brand - Model  Output  Bottle Size  Year

STORK - BPFS 36/36/12-146-RW

20000 U/h 1.5L 2002

SERAC - R16E8/720

5760 U/h 2l & 3l 2002

ALFATEK - Elvira SV 15.1

2000 U/h 0.5-0.75-1,0 lt 2008SOLD
STORK BPFS 36/36/12-146-RW - MachinePoint

STORK BPFS 36/36/12-146-RW - 2002

Filler/capper Stork from 2002
Model: BPFS 36/36/12-146-RW
Product:edible oil but it can fill other products
Output 20.000 bph @ 1.5L
Filling valves: 36
Filling method: by weight
Includes: capper, feeder, conveyors, Seiman PLC, Heuf inspector
The IHM computer was update in 2016
Available in April 2019

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