Used Shrink Wrapper for PET bottles

Looking for a used Shrink Wrapper for PET bottles? Visit us to see our selection for sale!. The Shrink Wrapper for PET bottles is designed to pack PET bottles in plastic with or without a cardboard tray. This machine consists of a conveyor, a wrapping unit, a cutting unit and a thermoforming oven. The conveyor is in charge of feeding the bottles into the machine by lanes, then the cardboard base is placed or not, wrapped, cut A sealing unit oversees sealing the bottles with a shrink film. A cutting unit is responsible for cutting the film to a size suitable for packaging. Finally, the shrink unit shrinks the film to fit the size of the bottle. The reference brands of this machine are SMI, ZAMBELLI, SIDEL, POLYPACK, KRONES or CERMEX.
 Brand - Model  Output (Packs Per MInute)  Format  Year

KRONES - VariopacPro

Krones Variopac Pro 6 packs of 10 onz. PET bottles 200ml 8pk 10oz 6k 333ml 6pk The six packs are two packs/cycle 8pk is one pack per cycle Sherma...

60 U/min 6pk and 8 pk 2011


X-Pack shrink wrap bundler: XP-S8060CD Format: 200ml 6pk 200ml 8pk 10oz 6k 333ml 6pk The six packs are two packs/cycle 8pk is one pack per cycle ...

45 U/min 6 pack and 8pk 2012

SMI - PB800

Semi-automatic SMI Shrinking line PB 800 Packer including shrinking tunnel Construction year 2008 for all kind of beverages, cans and bottle packs ...

10 U/min2008

DIMAC - Blue Star

Tray with shrink packer, DIMAC, model: Blue Star, from 2008 Capacity: up to 35 packs/ minute Air consumption: 100 NL/MIN Max. pressure: 6 bar Power...

35 U/min adjustible 2008


Used Shrink Wrapper for bottle packaging Brand: Ocme Model: VEGA HT 40/2 Year: 2013 Formats: 33cl bottle, 4pack & 6pack 50cl bottle, 4pack & 6pack...

40 U/min 2x2 and 3x3 2013

SIDEL - Versafilm F9 3S

Sidel Versafilm F9 packer Used for wrapping 24-packs of 410ml and 500ml Only film 35.000h of use Available immediedtly! ...

44 U/min 24 2015

SMI - LSK 42 F

Automatic two-row SMI LSK 42 F packaging machine from 2002 Output of 42 packs per minute The packer has an electrical heating tunnel with automatic...


DIMAC - Star Film HS

Dimac: Star Film HS Film warpper without traywith shrink tunnel 40+ packs per minute Available immediately! ...

40 U/min shrink wrap only 2002

SMI - SK 802 T

Two layers SMI SK 802 T from 1999 Can be inspected in dry cycle and availabe immediately! ...

60000 U/min1999

SMI - LSK 15

SMI Shrink Tunnel with capacity of 20 000 cph.(15 t/min ) Model LSK 15 Line was in working condition until end of November 2017 Machine was working ...


PRASMATIC - HSW 600, type C

Prasmatic HSW 600 shrink wrapper, year 2006 Output : 55 packs/minute (19.200 bph) It worked with film and printed film Configuration: packs 2x3 & 2...

55 U/min 1L & 0.5L 2006

SMI - WP-300

SMI wrap-around case packer from 2005 Dimensions of boxes: Length: Min - 280mm, Max - 485mm Width: Min - 165 mm, Max - 280 mm Height: Min - 150mm, M...



Polypack- PH-32HL right angle Shrink bundler Formats: 6 packs, 12 packs, 18 packs and 24 packs It can do just shrink wrap and use trays to package. ...

DIMAC - Star F 45

Shrink wrapping machine DIMAC Star F 45, year 2004 Max. speed: 45 packs/minute, 6-bottle packs, 16.200 b/h With 4 lanes, they've produced different ...

45 U/min 3x2, 2x2, 4x2, 4x3 2004


Gramegna Shrink Tunnel from 2007 Model R700 Max. capacity 1200 packs/hour Width of welding jaw – 700 mm Max width of foil – 680 mm Max diameter of ...

20 U/min2007

SMI - SK450 T

SMI SK450T shrink wrapper for glass & PET bottles, year 2003 Output: 45 packs/minute Formats: 33cl, 50cl, 75cl Adjustable infeed lanes for various ...

45 U/min2003SOLD


Used Zambelli for PET bottles 2,0 and 2,5L Format 3 x 2 normal 3 x 1 DuoPack (only in case to work in series with another multipack mac...

30 U/min 3x2 2008SOLD

KRONES - Variopac Pro T 45

Traypacker KRONES VARIOPAC PRO T Construction year 2010 45 packs / hour Format 0,5 L bottles 3 Six-Packs in tray The machine was in productio...

45 U/min2010SOLD


· Hartness 835 Drop Packer · Hartness Tray Former Container size range 2oz to 2-1/2 gallons of glass, plastic, cans, round containers and various sha...

KRONES VariopacPro - MachinePoint

KRONES VariopacPro - 2011

Krones Variopac Pro
6 packs of 10 onz. PET bottles
200ml 8pk
10oz 6k
333ml 6pk
The six packs are two packs/cycle
8pk is one pack per cycle
Sherman machine can run 45-60 cycles/min

Still in production until August and can be inspected immediately!


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