Used PET labelling machine

Looking for a used PET labelling machine? Visit us to see our selection for sale!. The PET Bottle Labelling Machine is equipped with a conveyor for PET containers, a label feeding system in a magazine or rollfeed, a labelling unit and a control device. The conveyor picks up the PET bottles and moves them through the machine. The label feeding system supplies labels to the labelling unit. The labelling unit applies the label to the bottle and puts it in place. The control device monitors the movement of the containers to ensure that the label is applied correctly. The most popular brands on the market are KRONES, KOSME, SIDEL, KHS, TRINE and PE LABELLERS.
 Brand - Model  Output  Type Of Label  Year

KRONES - Canmatic 720-18

Used labeller for pre-cut labels in paper Brand: Krones Model: Canmatic 720-18 Year: 2017 The machine was dismantled September 2022 ...

30000 U/hPaper 2017

KHS - Neo 80-105 2KL

KHS Neo 80 labeller from 2019 Never used and in in original boxes Includes: Pre labelling inspector Neo labeller 80-105 2KL 2 labelling stations...

69000 U/hPaper 2019

KRONES - Contiroll

Roll-Fed Labeller Krones Contiroll HS from 2007 Capacity: 27.000 bph Bottles 1,5L/1,75L PET Plastic labeler Hot glue Clockwise direction 15 bottles...

27000 U/hPlastic 2007

GERNEP - Rollfed 8-480 1RA

Labelling machine Gernep from 2012 Model Rollfed 8-480 1RA Capacity up to 8.000 bph Label dimensions: min. lenght (bottom edge) 180 mm max. lengh...

8000 U/h2012


Labelling machine for PET bottles from PE LABELLERS from 2001 Capacity 6000 bph Max size of bottles 1,5L Cold glue The machine is installed and can...

6000 U/hPaper 2001

PE LABELLERS - Roll Line 2-3-360

Roll Fed labeller P.E. Labellers Year 2008 Production 8000 bph Hot glue Machine installed but not in running condition, available immediately! ...

8000 U/hPlastic 2008

TRINE - 650

Trine 650 roll-fed from 2002 Disconnected and available immediately! ...

42000 U/hPaper 2002

KRONES - Contiroll HS

Used Roll-Fed Labeller Krones Contiroll HS machine is clockwise the machine has been working with empty bottles but it can work with fill bottles t...

20000 U/hPlastic 2011

PE - FUTURA 6T/540/1S-1E

Labeling machine PE FUTURA 6T/540/1S-1E for PET bottles Year 2006 Capacity 10,000 un/h The machine can also apply labels to a square bottle Machine...

10000 U/hPaper 2006

PE - FUTURA S 8T-540-1S 1E

Labelling machine PE FUTURA S 8T-540-1S 1E for PET bottles Year 2003 Capacity 10,000 un/h The machine can also apply labels to a square bottle Mach...

10000 U/hPaper 2003

KRONES - Solomodul

Used Labeller Krones Solomodul - 30 platterns - Pitch of the machine: 125,6 mm - Rotation: Clockwise - Dimensions of the roll: 225 +/- 1,2 mm - Ø...

56800 U/hPaper 2008

TRINE - 6700

Trine labeller from 2005 Roll-fed with hot glue For pet or glass Speed - 350 , 500ml - 400 to 450bpm ...

27000 U/h2005


Labeling machine PE SPLENDID PET bottle size 0,5L Paper label, cold glue The machine is dismantled, but can be inspected Available immediately!...

Paper 2002

SACMI - Opera 400 Modul AD 33T

Sacmi -Opera Modul 400 labeller For glass or PET bottles Includes PSC application stations and cut/stack applicator Rotary 33T stations ·583 bpm...

24000 U/hPaper 2013

KRONES - Canmatic

Krones Canmatic labeller Used for 400ml, 650ml and 1.5L bottles 35.000 hours worked In good condition and available immedietly ...

24000 U/hPaper 2005


Automatic labeling machine KOSME TOP STAR 960 20T S2 E4 from 2003 General overhaul carried out in 2018 Paper labels (main and counter) cold glue E...


PE - Modular Plus

Labelling Machine P.E. Labellers Modular Plus from 2015 2 cold glue labeling stations plus one double station for self stick label 3 labels...

22000 U/hPaper 2015

AVE - FTR Cav 12

Labeller Officine AVE from 1997, made in Italy Hot Glue Pre cut labels 12 heads dimensions of the label are: - 309x46 - 315x64 Formats: 0,50 - ...

10000 U/hPlastic 1997

BRB - Mega 12-200 HOT

Labeller BRB Mega 12-200 from 2005 - Speed of the machine: 10.000 bph - Format and dimensions of the label: 0,5L 215X45 mm, 1,0L 258...

10000 U/hPaper 2005

SIDEL - RollQuattro F35E 24T/SM S1/E1

Used Labeller Sidel Alfa - Head: 35 heads - Roll Fed - Plastic Label - Hot Glue - Production: 40.000 bph The machine was dismantle...

40000 U/hPlastic 2014SOLD

KRONES - Canmatic

Used Labeller for pre-cut labels Brand: Krones Production: 15 400 bottle per hour, format 0.5 l. Type of Label: pre-cut Operating hours: 28349 Labels...

15000 U/hPlastic 2010SOLD
KRONES Canmatic 720-18 - MachinePoint

KRONES Canmatic 720-18 - 2017

Used labeller for pre-cut labels in paper
Brand: Krones
Model: Canmatic 720-18
Year: 2017
The machine was dismantled September 2022


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