Used Co-kneader extruder machines

A two step co-kneader thoroughly mixes and kneads material, both in longitudinal and axial axis, resulting in very flexible tailor-made application for very different materials. BUSS has been the leader reference in this market for decades. MachinePoint sells used two step extruders/used ko-kneaders of brands such as: Buss
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PLASMEC - TPE 189-230

Co-kneader extruder2000


Co-kneader extruder2009
PLASMEC TPE 189-230 - MachinePoint

PLASMEC TPE 189-230 - 2000

Model: TPE 189-230
Year: 2000
Planetary Extruder with Cooling Unit
Production:1.600-2.500 kg/h
Total electric power:        560 kW
Working electric power:   450 kW
Worked Hours: 46.500 hours
Worked Material: Coated PVC
- Accessories: Cutting unit and granule cooler.
- Spare parts: New heating elements (one heating element per type installed), granulati...


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