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Looking for a used Moulds? Visit us to see our selection for sale!. Moulds Rossi Stamp, Greiner, Lamp, Friul Filiere, Home Made
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Year of production: 2003-2005...

GREINER - Set of moulds

PVC window frame profile moulds - Producer – Greiner / Austria - Calibrator – two pcs x 230 mm - Vacuum downs...

LAMP - set of moulds for gutter/waterways for Air Conditioning

Set of moulds for waterways/gutters for AC...

FRIUL FILIERE - Moulds - For shutters

Tool for Rolling shuter 37 manufactured by Italian co. Campanieri. (year 2013) Tool for Rolling shuter 38 mm and 55 mm manufactured by Italian co. ...


HOME MADE - for Booth - Beach Cabin - Kiosk

Offer includes: - Profile extrusion moulds (co-extruded kit + wall profile kit) - a whole series of metal shelving and metal baskets - prefabricate...


HOME MADE - Souliotis Bros.

Dies and calibrators for cable channels. Few operating hours. Its look like new without any wear out . The all tooling equipment include 10 sets fo...

ROSSI STAMP  - MachinePoint


Year of production: 2003-2005


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