Hard work pays off in the end, with the sale of a multilayer film extruder from Russia to Central America, with dismantling, transport and assembly successfully completed

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used multilayer film extruder

"Even when we have to maintain confidential our customer’s names, we are proud to announce that we have just completed a very complex project, executed to perfection, in a record time, and our team must be congratulated," says MachinePoint´s Commercial Director.

Everything started when a large Central American company showed interest in buying a 2.5-meter-wide, 5-layer blown film extruder, located somewhere remote in Russia. It was a very good investment as it had very few working hours. However the transaction had risks, this is why the buyer entrusted this project to MachinePoint.

Buying and selling used machinery in countries such as Russia or China is a challenge that very few companies dare to undertake. Not only due to language and cultural differences, but also because you have to organize heavy equipment logistics for long distances and with multimodal transport. The legal process to export or import used machines is very bureaucratic. On the top of that, dismantling, assembly and commissioning with operational guarantees could only be contracted to the best used machinery provider.

MachinePoint´s experience and professionalism makes a difference when it comes to leading highly complex projects, where technical, legal, logistical, customs and final commissioning services are required.

This project also presented some extra additional complications: the access to the machine required a civil works project to tear down some walls where the machine was positioned. The disassembly was also quite challenging, as it was a large machine. The disassembly lasted more than 3 weeks including electro-mechanical marking, extraction and packaging. "Everything was done in record time and with great professionalism," said the buyer gratefully.

The result is a satisfied buyer that has enjoyed considerable savings compared to the purchase of a new machine. It has managed to acquire a machine from a leading brand perfectly maintained for an exceptional price. Following MachinePoint´s slogan: "we sell from factory to factory", the buyer saw the machine running prior to making the decision to purchase.

Once again, MachinePoint's team of machinery, logistics and legal experts, has successfully completed a project in record time. "We are here to help sellers and buyers make a transaction safely, professionally and profitably. It is now our client´s responsibility to generate value for their customers and their region with this machine," concludes CEO César Rodríguez.

MachinePoint sales of a used multilayer film extruder with dismantling, transport and assembly
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