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K 2019
MachinePoint team was present once again at K for their 2019 edition. After gathering impressions from the 12 Area Business Managers that visited K, the initial feedback is one of satisfaction and a considerable improvement with respect to the two previous K shows.

K 2019 has been full of interesting visitors, this has been perceived by MachinePoint and its partners, leading OEMs of plastic machinery. They all highlighted the quality of the visitors during this fair. Most visitors knew what they were looking for, and intention to purchase was high. Although there has been a slowdown in the market for the sale of new machinery since June, the portfolio of current projects is good, presenting a positive outlook of future sales for plastic equipment during 2020. Some OEMs' are betting on emerging economies to guarantee future growth.

People are aware of pollution generated by plastic and are particularly concerned with pollution to the oceans, however the sector continues to grow despite its current bad press. There are numerous technical solutions the industry has to help reduce the effects of pollution and guarantee the circular economy. The design of containers can be improved to facilitate their later separation, improvements in waste collection systems, mechanical recycling and chemical recycling. The problem lies in the speed with which politicians and governments want to subsidise the production of hydrocarbons or monomers from plastic waste. The collection and recycling of PET bottles must be encouraged so that they go from being a problem to an opportunity. In many countries there is still no environmental debate at all.

The market for used machinery is very active. The current trade wars between countries are encouraging many entrepreneurs to invest locally in second-hand machinery. The Prime Minister of India, Mori, also announced a ban on single-use plastic containers by 2022. This in turn has encouraged Indian businessmen also to invest in second-hand machinery. We also noticed this at the K show, with the most demanded machinery during being film extruders, recycling machinery and injectors.

At K, MachinePoint also took the opportunity to explore collaborations with various machinery manufacturers, industrial groups and large dealers. We had a great show, and our reputation for excellence and reliability over the past 20 years was confirmed by our customers.

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