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MachinePoint Engineering installs production lines or complete plants for food and packaging factories
Interview with Cesar Rodríguez, MachinePoint´s CEO

What led you to launch a branch for engineering services?

Cesar Rodríguez: We perceived a need in many of our clients who were facing projects of new production lines or complete plants. They had great deviations from their original budgets and deadlines. We believe that advice from an independent engineering team throughout these projects can help companies achieve their objectives and deadlines, saving money and time. This is remarkably important since we are talking about considerable investments.

What do you mean by an independent engineering company?

Cesar Rodríguez: An engineering company that is not linked to any brand or manufacturer of machinery, so their advice is completely neutral, without conflicts of interest.
MachinePoint Engineering advises its clients with the best technological solution in the market according to their needs and budgets. We are not linked to any brand so we do not favour one brand over another. Buying everything from a single brand usually leads to the best technology of that brand, but also the worst, since no manufacturer is a leader in all types of equipment. MachinePoint's proposals often involves equipment from different brands. We study in detail all the equipment in the market and offer each customer a unique solution of industrial machinery that carries the best of each brand for their needs.

What makes MachinePoint Engineering different from other engineering companies?

Cesar Rodríguez: Firstly, the neutrality we just talked about, and secondly, our specialization in the food and drinks market.
We have been visiting factories all over the world for years. When an engineer has seen many factories, many ideas, many mistakes, this is a valuable knowledge that they can put into practice in their projects. In addition our team has a wide knowledge in different brands and technologies. Our engineers design innovative solutions for our customers that help them create competitive advantages. This is possible because we are highly specialized in the packaging and food sector.

What do your customers value the most?

Cesar Rodríguez: We are a small engineering company and we are growing. Every new project for us is a challenge and we get involved in it in a way that a bigger engineering company cannot afford. The value of our engineering service is exceptional because we are giving entrepreneurs access to a highly qualified team at a very attractive price and with a great dedication and flexibility.

In what geographical areas are you offering your engineering services?

Cesar Rodríguez: MachinePoint´s team is completely international, we have sold equipment to over 80 countries. Our engineering services are offered globally although they are mainly suited for entrepreneurs in developing countries who are looking for European technology and knowledge.

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