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    MachinePoint Group launches its new website in Turkish

    High quality used equipment and Financing  in Turkey MachinePoint
    MachinePoint Used Machinery, the largest European Used Machinery trader, continues investmenting in the Turkish market and has just launched its web site in Turkish to better attend the local players of the plastics and beverage industries.

    MachinePoint started penetrating the Turkish market by having a local presence in Istanbul in 2010. The launching of the website in Turkish is another step to serve its customers in this market.

    Mr. Cesar Rodriguez - CEO of MachinePoint – says: “We have been investing in the Turkish market for over 2 years now. This is one step further in our organization to better serve the Turkish customers. We do understand that getting served in their local language is a great plus for them. Also having a sales office in Istanbul is something they appreciate very much and it is much easier for face to face contact and personal meetings.

    For our used machinery business, the Turkish market is important, because there is a high interest from Turkish buyers to purchase high quality machinery mainly from European countries, and there are also a few companies willing to sell their used machinery outside of their competition area. With a company like MachinePoint Used Machinery, they can benefit from our international presence to be able to offer their used equipment outside Turkey easily and in a safe way.

    We find Turkish plastic and beverage industry very dynamic, and with ambitious plans for further growth both domestic and international. The product offer of the MachinePoint Group is interesting for Turkish clients as we have a great combination of high quality solutions at reasonable prices. This is key for Turkish buyers who are sensitive to price but still want to guarantee quality of their equipment”.

    A good and efficient manufacturing process is part of the competitive advantage of manufacturers. High quality equipment can guarantee this. MachinePoint Group offers access to high quality used equipment through its subsidiary MachinePoint Used Machinery, and through MachinePoint Food Technologies it offers the Beverage and Food industries complete plant solutions with the capacity to integrate used machinery in its projects. These solutions make budgets attractive while maintaining top brands in their lines. Finally through MachinePoint Finance, access to financing can be possible.

    MachinePoint Media Department
    Gema Álvarez
    Tel: + 34 983 54 99 00

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