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MachinePoint Group, through its new business unit MachinePoint Food Technologies increases its portfolio of solutions to the beverage industry and food processing by providing automation solutions for process areas at competitive prices, thanks to its own structure for the design and implementation of solutions tailored to their customers.

By automating processes, is achieved by controlling and documenting the critical parameters of production. Favorably impacting the quality of products and reducing production costs and product wastage.

This new unit brings over 25 years experience supplying equipment, production plants, process lines and packaging to the food industry in Europe, contributing positively to the growth of industry processing and food distribution. In the past 7 years, this know-how has been gradually exported outside Europe, successfully developed projects in Africa and Asia, in addition to those made in Europe.

Project Manager MachinePoint Food Technologies said: "Ensuring product quality, reduce shrink, optimize costs and increase productivity are the main objectives to focus the automation of production processes. The advantages are obvious, are achieved through these proposals to improve controls, standardize processes and reduce production costs. ¨

Additionally, MachinePoint Food Technologies offers a new competitive edge in the development of projects of new lines of production, which is the custom design and use as required, new and used equipment from leading brands in machinery and components, with the objective of providing quality systems more advantageous production costs.

This strategy aims to contribute in a special way with small businesses and midsize companies in Europe and other countries with emerging economies, which require increasing the quality and production capacity, with initial investments more contained. All this supported by her sister within the Group, MachinePoint Used Machinery, which controls 80% of the used machinery for sale in Europe, which is a clear competitive advantage for the new subsidiary.

At present, the Group MachinePoint is an ambitious project to expand its international operations will enable the company to have offices in the major countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

"We have great hope in this new project MachinePoint Group, and we're already noticing a huge demand for these solutions from emerging countries. While there is price sensitivity among our goals is to continue offering competitive, cost effective solutions to our customers, "said Project Manager MachinePoint Food Technologies.

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