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MachinePoint team could help you to identify current opportunities in the market of used machines that are for sale.

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Interplastica 2019 MachinePoint

MachinePoint will be present at next edition of Interplastica in 2019. Interplastica is the leading trade fair for plastics and rubber in Russia and Eastern Europe. This trade fair takes place every January in Moscow and is the meeting point for decision-makers from machine, raw materials, semi-finished products and components manufacturers for the plastic and rubber industries.

MachinePoint is a regular exhibitor at this fair as Russia and Eastern Europe are key markets for MachinePoint. We have been buying and selling used machinery in this region for over two decades.

MachinePoint has as a local Russian partner to better serve the Russian market. We have been working together over several years and our partnership has proven to give a great service to companies willing to buy or sell used machinery in the region.

Interplastica 2019 will take place over 4 days from Tuesday 29th January to Friday 1st February in Moscow. The fair is a great opportunity to get an overview of the innovations from main machinery manufacturers coming from different countries and with an offer specially tailored to the Russian market. For further information about Interplastica 2019, please visit

MachinePoint will be presenting used machines for sale especially interesting for Russian customers, and will also be looking for Russian companies willing to sell their used machines. MachinePoint can help Russian companies to market and sell their used machines internationally. We take care of all services and documentation required to make the transaction happen. Our local presence through our partner gives Russian customers the proximity they require, while benefiting from the international presence of MachinePoint team.

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