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    РMachinePoint Used Machinery расскажет о индустрии экструзии

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    Предложение по продаже экструзии немецких и итальянских марок с помощью Machinepoint
    In this article, MachinePoint Used Machinery reveals their perception of how the extrusion manufacturing market has been performing over the last few months and their expectations for the forthcoming months in 2011.

    “Both our sales and marketing teams are constantly in contact with the industry for their used machinery needs; which provides us a great amount of feedback on how the market is performing and how investments are progressing.

    We can say that the European pipes manufacturers continue to be in a standby position, making very cautious plans when it comes to investments for 2011. Big groups and large manufacturers are still going through internal restructuration, moving their production and equipment to locations with lower labour costs, with little to no interesting investments being made or planned for the near future.

    European window manufacturers have also taken a standby position for the time being.

    Quality used machinery is currently entering the market as a result of some of these restructurations, with many great deals to be found for those looking to purchase European brands at good prices.

    At the same time, we do not expect to see worldwide scale major investments in complete, new extrusion plants anytime soon. In the middle term, this could lead to a shortage in the European used machinery entering the market in the ensuing years.

    A number of select markets that currently have an active construction market; such as India and Brazil; also currently boast a strong, local extrusion machinery industry. This means that even the competitively priced, high quality European used machinery faces furious competition from local manufacturers who offer good prices for new machinery. Furthermore, certain regulations in some countries make the importation of used machinery very challenging.

    The demand for used machinery has been very high in specific markets over the last few months, one of the most active markets being the Middle East. The demand is mainly for pipe machinery, with the most demanded brands being the German ones: Cincinnati, Battenfeld and Kraus Maffei.

    The most demanded brands worldwide for extrusion used machinery are German and Italian brands.

    Latin America is also high on the list of active markets; however the current conversion rates are affecting the prices of European machinery.

    In the middle term, we expect the North African market to increase their demand for extrusion machinery. Once the widespread political situations have stabilized, there will be a need for reconstruction and development within these countries, as well as an increase on foreign investment.

    MachinePoint Media Department
    Gema Alvarez
    Tel: + 34 983 54 99 00

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