MachinePoint Food Technologies Announces Successful Completion of Most Challenging Project

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Accomplishment of First Project with Coca-Cola Enterprises Substantiates the Capabilities of New Division of MachinePoint Group

MachinePoint Food Technologies and Coca-Cola Enterprises jointly announced the successful completion of what was MachinePoint Food Technologies' first project as the newly incorporated division of MachinePoint Group.

Coca-Cola Enterprises contracted MachinePoint Food Technologies in October 2010 to dismantle, rig, load and transport a complete filling line from their Marseille factory. Complexities of the project called for it to be accomplished in six phases, with the line itself dismantled in two different phases; the dismantling in the first phase was executed whilst the rest of the line was still in production.

The filling line occupied 2500sqm and operated at a peak capacity of 26,500 bottles per hour. Manufactured in1995, new components were added and refurbishments made on an almost yearly basis which consequentially meant that the controls were intricately connected in such a way that made the dismantling a very complex task.

“Special care had to be taken in the first phase to keep working and disconnecting electrically without interrupting or halting the rest of the production line,” stated MachinePoint Food Technologies' project manager. “Safety was our top priority and we worked very closely with the Coca-Cola team to evade risks and conserve internal safety, health, labour and operating Coca-Cola rules. Working in an area that was still producing products for consumption with strict food safety regulations posed an additional challenge and meant that we were restricted on the types of equipment that were used. Unable to use diesel operated equipment; electrical and GLP equipment were employed, which eliminated contamination and reduced noise.”

MachinePoint Food Technologies' commitment to perform a timely, first-class job was linked to a contract involving high penalties. “We were working on a very tight time schedule,” said Cesar Rodriguez, CEO, MachinePoint Group. “We had set deadlines to stick to; with the 15th of January being the final date to ensure the entire space was emptied, and prepared to receive a new Sidel filling line. We were prepared, with the right tools and organisation, and collaborated closely with Coca-Cola to ensure that we achieved the target of each phase on time. We were congratulated by senior management at Coca-Cola enterprises who confirmed that we achieved 100% of their common target in a very good, safe and efficient way.”

Born from a partnership between MachinePoint Group and Gemina; MachinePoint Food Technologies is devoted to offering complete plant & process installation and turnkey projects to processors in the Agro Food, Beverage and Dairy industries that are looking to expand, update or modify their production facilities. MachinePoint Food Technologies has a unique added value proposition, which offers the possibility of integrating used machinery into a new project offering.

MachinePoint Food Technologies' sister company, MachinePoint Used Machinery; controls 80% of the used equipment currently for sale in Europe; and has extensive logistics and engineering experience in transporting and integrating used equipment successfully into new plant layouts.

The engineering centre of MachinePoint Food Technologies is located in Murcia (South of Spain, Europe) and has more than 5000m2 dedicated to the engineering, automation, manufacturing, finishing, assembling, testing and quality control of the equipment which will later be installed at our customers’ facilities.

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