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    饮料领域二手机械 | MachinePoint

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    Smart & Reliable Solutions is the definition of MachinePoint Group. Thanks to its various sister companies; MachinePoint Group can offer the industry commendable, quality price solutions for their machinery needs.

    MachinePoint covers the entire chain of value, apart from trading used machinery; we do turnkey projects and can even set up a complete new line for you. Thanks to MachinePoint Food Technologies; MachinePoint group now offers engineering services and turnkey projects to the beverage industry. Our added value is our capacity to include used equipment in our offers, at an attractive price. We eliminate the risks associated with buying used machinery and fulfil every aspect up to the end objective; to have the equipment up and running, and producing in our clients´ factories.

    Yes, Smart & Reliable Solutions.

    This is a rare opportunity for those looking to invest into the Soft Drink market: a complete line in exceptional condition, at a great price, fully installed into running condition in your factory.

    Complete filling lines for carbonated drinks

    Complete filling lines for carbonated drinks, SIDEL, KHS, TWINPACK, PROCOMAC, ZALKIN 1995.

    Previous owner was Coca Cola!

    1. Blower SIDEL SBO 24/26 serie 1 1995 26000b/h, CE
    2. Chiller SOGEQUIP, Freenox P1100B, R407C - 119500W à 42°C, CE
    3. Hot AEO (SISE), S95EC70, 1995
    4. Elevator – tipper SAMETO, 135° (Cu 500Kg), 1994
    5. Preform conveyor AC anduze manutention, RP140, 1994, CE
    6. Presse à balles HSM pressen, HSM 45 VL, 1992, CE
    7. Air conveyor Neu Trans System, 1995, 26000b/h
    8. Filler KHS INNOFILL ER 140/20SV, 1996, 27000b/h, 140 valves Conforme Ministère du Travail 15/07/1980 (France)
    9. Rinser PROCOMAC, GRIPSTAR P4090, 1996, 36000b/h, 90 valves
    10. Caps feeding system GASSNER E9606, 1996
    11. Caps conveyor SAVIME AFA 08043, 2008, 30000b/h, CE
    12. Cap Screwer ZALKIN for monobloc Er-TR 5040/720 SV, 1996, 30000b/h, 20 heads
    13. Paramix KHS INNOPRO CMX45/T30-6, 1995, 45m3/h, CE
    14. Controller HEUFT Spectrum TX 2008, the ejector is not included
    15. Labeller KHS Carmichael INNOKET 44 RF (920B), 1995, 20000b/h, 16 heads
    16. Labeller KHS Carmichael INNOKET 44 RF (920B), 1995, 20000b/h, 16 heads
    17. Inkjet Videojet Excel 273 SE, 2001, CE
    18. Inkjet Videojet Excel 273 SE, 2001, CE
    19. Torquemeter AT2E
    20. COBRIX Cabinet
    21. Packer (X4-X6) KISTERS 192/60DZ, 1995, 33000bph X6, 26000bph X4
    22. Leaflet inserters APEX DF18 - V1200, 1997, CE
    23. Leaflet inserters APEX DF18 - V1200, 1997, CE
    24. Handle applicator TWINPACK METE 41347122, 2004, 2 ways, CE
    25. Palletizer (X4, X6, X8, X12) KETTNER, 1995, 26000b/h, 2 ways
    26. Palletizer (X4, X6, X8, X12) NEWTEC, PAL PACK 4700, 2002, 26000b/h, 4 ways, CE
    27. Palletizer (loose) KETTNER Pressant Super AS, 1995
    28. Wrapper THIMON DRAPAL 6850, 1995, 26000bph large pallets, 13000bph half pallets
    29. Wrapper THIMON DRAPAL 6850, 1995, 26000bph large pallets 13000bph half pallets
    30. Pallet Strapper OMS model 06, 1996, CE
    31. Pallet Strapper ENDRA H4M, 1995
    32. Pallet Strapper ENDRA H4M, 1995
    33. Labeller for pallets LOGOPAK, LOGOMATIC 920P
    34. Labeller for pallets LOGOPAK, LOGOMATIC 920P
    35. Labeller for pallets BOPACK, Collomat 3600, 2002
    36. Labeller for pallets BOPACK, Collomat 3600, 2002
    37. Conveyors for bottles to filler KHS, KISTERS Shrink Wrapper K192 and BDHR Palletizer
    38. Conveyor for bottles to filler KHS and KRONES Shrink Wrapper Variopac
    39. Pack Conveyors from KISTERS Shrink Wrapper K192 to GEBO dividers; AMBAFLEX one way spiral conveyor not included
    40. Spiral conveyor AMBAFLEX, 2009, 2 ways, CE
    41. Pack conveyor from GEBO divider to NEWTEC Palletizer & KETTNER Palletizer
    42. Pack conveyor from Shrink Wrapper KRONES variopac to handle applicator TWINPACK
    43. Pallet conveyors
    44. Electrical Cabinets
    45. Walking bridges as shown on the layout

    See the complete line data sheet for more details

    Email: Beverages Department
    Tel: + 34 983 54 99 00