Compliance Management System

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MACHINEPOINT has developed a "Compliance" system with the aim of strictly complying with current legislation and fully respecting the obligations and commitments assumed in its contractual relations. Likewise, it ensures compliance with the internal regulations adopted and approved by the company.

MACHINEPOINT is committed to maintaining an honest and upright behaviour in all its actions, avoiding any form of corruption and expresses its commitment to "zero tolerance" to crime.

For the development of this system, MACHINEPOINT has appointed a Compliance Committee responsible for monitoring compliance with the regulations (external and internal) and to investigate any complaint that comes through the various channels provided.

MACHINEPOINT offers employees, managers, administrators and third parties who have a relationship with it, two channels of complaint: an email address ( or a web form. Complaints can be made anonymously via the web form below, or by disclosing the identity of the complainant via email.

The information collected in the report will be treated securely and confidentially, as will any subsequent investigation.

Click here to see Código de Conducta y Etica de Machine Point Consultants S.L.

Click here to see Policy for Suppliers

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