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Letterpress: KOPACK 170FB del 1985 usata

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Letterpress - KOPACK - 170FB

Scheda Tecnica: KOPACK 170FB Usato

Rif: 300035770


Anno: 1985

Altri Dati:

Kopack 170FB letterpress label printing machine
5 color UV
Max Roll web width 170 mm
Max print width 160mm
Printing repeat : min : 6.48 inch (164.592 mm ) & max : 12.959 inch (329.159 mm ) on Flat die Cut and max to 18.06 inch (458.724 mm on rotary die cut )
4 UV lamps for dryer, the first UV lamp after third print unit. The second lamp after fourth print unit. And the third+fourth (together) UV lamps is after last print unit.
Web guide
Splice table.
Chiller for cooling the UV lamps by water. Mercury UV lamps colded by water not by air.
Flat die cut with 23 gears.
2 Rotary die cut slot
Waste rewind
Counter by label and counter by meter.

Print cylinders and gears: 150 print cylinders and 125 print gears, in different sizes from 7.069 inch (179.553 mm) to 18.06 inch (458.724 mm)
Central Drum extra with the machine.


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