б/у FUJIFILM C-TOUCH 25 FLW / Amski Aura 800S 2017 года производства для продажи

2017 | Номер референции: 300046187

Машины другого типа FUJIFILM, В MachinePoint мы работаем для того, чтобы у наших покупателей был доступ к профессиональному сервису и безопасности сделок

Технические данные FUJIFILM C-TOUCH 25 FLW / Amski Aura 800S б/у

Номер референции: 300046187

Год: 2017



Время доставки: Немедленно

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  • Описание: Complete prepress equipment for the production of flexo & letterpress plates, 620X750


2 machines as a set, both are needed to make the plate.

The first one is the Amski Aura 800S, this machine is a CTP (computer to plate), it makes the drawing on the plate by laser that later will be processed.
The second is the C-Touch, this machine is the second process, using nylon brushes rubbing the plate to remove what has not recorded the CTP and removes the relief for later use in the printing machine.

Imaging System : 32 channel
Output Speed : 2.5㎡/h
Max. Breadth : 31" x26"/800mm x660mm
Plate Type : Heat corrosive film, Digital relief printing plate (water-wash), Digital flexo plate (water-wash), Digital flexo plate (solvent based)
Plate Thickness : 0.14mm-1.7mm
Application : Label  and  trademark
Resolutions : 4,000dpi
Interface : USB2.0
Plate Loading : Manual load and unload
Laser Power : High-power semiconductor laser diode
Device Size : 1,630×910×980 mm (L×W×H)
Net Weight : Approximately 640KG

Plate processor GS TRADING C-TOUCH 25 - year 2017 water washed with detergent (without solvent) (This machine processes what the Aura does in order to extract the engraving and print it.)
The C-TOUCH features an easy access clamshell design for the mounting and washing of plates.
After being fixed to the top platen, the plate rotates orbitally over a fixed set of brushes.
This back and forth orbital rotation allows for a thorough and clean dot reproduction.
The all-in-one compact design includes pullout drawers for exposures (including HD), light finishing, and three dryer drawers with temperature control.
The versatility of this stationed design produces an average of up to 5.5 plates per hour; with approximate washout times of 10 to 14 minutes.

Processor Type : Clamshell Combination
Maximum Plate Size (Inches/Centimeters) : 25" x 30" / (63 cm x 76 cm)"
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H*) : 59.8" x 49.2" x 74.8"
Weight (Lbs) : 1,113
Filter Dimensions : 27.5" x 18.0" x 39.3"
Washout Time (Mins)** : 10
Plates Per Hour : 5.5

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Машины другого типа - FUJIFILM - C-TOUCH 25 FLW / Amski Aura 800S - Ref.300046187

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