HERBOLD PU800 de 2007 usada en venta

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Ficha Técnica de HERBOLD PU800 de Segunda mano

Ref. : 300033974

Año: 2007


Estado: En venta

Plazo de entrega: Inmediatamente

Especificaciones Técnicas:

Capacidad De Salida: 1000 kg/h

Diámetro Del Disco: 800 mm

Tamaño Mínimo De La Particula: 0.8 mm

Otras Especificaciones:

PU 800 ZR Pulverizer

Crushing of hard PVC chips
Inlet fraction 3-8 mm, average particle size of approx. 800 microns, throughput approx. 1000 kg/h with good condition of the grinding discs (subject to testing)

1 Dosing chute:
Dosing chute with a tub width of approx. 180x400 mm and a buffer tank with approx. 50 l capacity and sensors for emptying and filling. The dosing chute load is controlled by the current consumption of the crusher motor.

Metal separator
For detecting and separating all types of metal parts in the material to be shredded, feed opening width approx. 100 mm
Provides a compressed air supply of approx. 5-6 bar.

1 temperature sensor
Intensive cooling unit for automatic temperature control of two materials for the injection of a cooling mist, regulators, magnetic valves, temperature probes and automatic, automatic shutdown of the material feed

1 HERBOLD - disc type shredder PU 800 ZR
Disc shredder with one solidly mounted and one rotating fluted disc on precision bearings.

Loading is effected through the fluted structure with adjustable distance between the discs. The shredding clearance is controlled through service holes on the machine body. This allows convenient adjustment with a measuring gauge on the outside. The machine is operated without a sieve. The special shape of the discs and the high volume speed ensure highly efficient impact size reduction with low energy consumption.

Disc rotor diameter:
800 mm diameter

Drive motor
110 kW motor, design B3, degree of protection IP55,voltage 400 V, 50 Hz, 3000 rpm, reinforced bearings, other voltages relative to the degree of protection on request.

1 material discharge
Through suction unit type MFT 105/600

Comprising: Blower with drive motor 30 kW
connecting pipes, cyclone separator, induced draught hood with hanging filter bags, double bag filling station, mechanical switch.

Control cabinet
All electric elements are installed in a rigid steel sheet box. The connection layout is designed as automatic contactor star-delta control; control by push-buttons with light indicators, the main switch is closed, terminals are wired including safety elements. The version complies with the currently valid safety regulations of the German Electrical Association (cables are not included in the price).

Spare parts:
3 sets of toothed rings

1 noise protection
Noise protection cabin for impact grinding plant, with sound-absorbing plates and pipe sound insulators, double-walled, mobile, stable galvanized version, unlacquered.

Otros Detalles:

Garantía: Sin garantía

Operatividad: Desmontada. No se puede ver en funcionamiento

Disponibilidad: Inmediatamente

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