NGR SGRAN 85HD del 2007 usata in vendita

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Scheda Tecnica: NGR SGRAN 85HD Usata

Rif: 300042100

Anno: 2007

Marca: NGR

Stato: In vendita

Periodo di consegna: 1 - 2 mesi

Dati Tecnici:

Diametro Vite : 85 mm

Produzione: 280 kg/h

L/D: 26

Sistema Di Degasaggio:No

Potenza Di Riscaldamento (Estrusore): 75 kW

Tipo Di Testa :Die-face

Adatto Per Processare (Materiale): MOPP films, strips of lumps

Forma Materiale Adatto: PP ,PE

· CAMBIAFILTRO: Double Type: K-SWE-125

Fabbricante: Kreyenborg

Altri Dati:

An unused cutter shaft (spare part value: min. 20.000,- €) is included as spare part.
Operating hours:53200 h (status 27.08.2020)
Earliest Pick December 2020
Screw and barrel working without problems (last time change 2011). Only work with own wastes so clean

1. conveyor belt with metal detector
The conveyor belt transports the feed material through a metal detector with a clear opening of 600 x 800 mm into the feed hopper of the cutter-feeder-extruder combination. The metal detector is equipped with an optical-acoustic alarm. The belt is automatically stopped in case of an alarm.

length: 6000 mm
Width:800 mm
drive:1.5 kW
Belt speed:0.2 m/s
Recognition of parts:> M6 nut

2. Reel Feeder
Reel feed for continuous material. With variable speed and pressure setting of the press roller

Feeding width:600 mm
drive:1.1 kW
Feeding speed:17 m/min
max. pull-in force:3100 N

3. Single shaft shredder - extruder combination
Shredding shaft in coolable version (water cooling). A hydraulic pusher presses the feed material against the rotating knife shaft, which is controlled by the current consumption of the knife shaft to achieve a constantly high output. The material is shredded between the rotating and stationary knives and transported in axial direction. The material is compacted and heated by friction to achieve an optimal feed to the extruder. In the extruder, the already preheated and mixed material is melted and mixed and compressed by means of the barrier screw. The bimetallic cylinder is electrically heated and cooled with air. The screw is manufactured in an armoured and nitrided version, both the screw and the barrel are highly wear-resistant.

Feed hopper volume:1 m³
Width of the knife shaft:770 mm
Cutter drive power:55 kW
Hydraulics:3.4 / 4.5 kW
Screw diameter:85 mm
L/D ratio:26
Extruder drive power with degassing:75 kW
heating power:20 kW

4. Screen Changer/Filtration Unit
Device for the filtration of the melt by means of fine-meshed stainless steel mesh in a double-piston design. By moving the hydraulically operated pistons, in which the screens are located, they can be changed without interrupting the process. This is monitored by a melt pressure measurement.

Length:6,000 mm
Width:800 mm
drive:1.5 kW
Belt speed:0.2 m/s
Recognition of parts:> M6 nut

5. Pelletising unit incl. downstream unit
The water ring hot die face pelletiser including water treatment unit and vibrating screen is of stainless steel design. The melt exits through nozzles arranged in a circle on a wear-resistant die plate and is knocked off by the pelletising blades. The pelletising speed can be adjusted both manually and automatically. The pellet meets the water ring which is generated in the pelletiser housing, which cools the pellet and transports it away. The pellets are then separated from the water by the vibrating screen and discharged.

Granulator motor:2.2 kW
Pelletizer knives:3
Water pump:1.5 kW
heating power:3.5 kW
vibrating sieve:1,5 kW

6. cyclone-silo combination (in noise-protected design)
By means of an injection conveyor blower, the granulate is transported to an intermediate storage silo, under which the material can be filled into bags (big bags) or octabins.

Volume of the silo:800 l
Injection conveyor blower:1,5 kW
Piping diameter160 mm

Altri Dettagli:

Garanzia: Senza garanzia

Operatività: Smontata. Non si può vedere in funzionamento

Disponibilità: 1 - 2 mesi

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