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B.C. FOAM SPA BC 180 XPET del 2003 usata in vendita

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Scheda Tecnica: B.C. FOAM SPA BC 180 XPET Usata

Rif: 300042549

Anno: 2003

Marca: B.C. FOAM SPA

Stato: In vendita

Periodo di consegna: Immediato

Dati Tecnici:


Altri Dati:

Complete PET foam production machinery included tools for ready meal trays.

PET foam extrusion line
Main Extruder BC 180 XPET Co-Rotating Twin Screw
MAC-GI co-extruder
Manufacturer: BC Foam Spa
Year of Manufacture: 2003
Main extruder specification:
Output: 400 kg/h
Screw 179 mm diameter
Max RPM 30
Torque 3600 daNm
LD 25:1
Gearbox ZAMBELLO RB-140
Number of zones 13
Mix of oil and electric heating

Coex 45 mm single screw 28:1 L/D
Max RPM 100
One Gravimetric Colortronic Feeder
Manufacturer MAC-GI Italy

Annular Extrusion die:
BC-Foam single spider die diameter 95 mm with inner coex
Die lip gap adjustment during production
No torpedo heating
Cooling mandrel: Two stainless steel, diameter 325 mm, 343 mm, length 2,2 meter

Colotronic gravimetric dosing unit
PRT Screen changer
Sulzer Melt cooler
Bronkhorst Gas dosing system
BC Foam annular die
Cooling can
Haul off
Complete Dryer system

Haul off (S-Wrap):
3 rollers, first roller gap to be adjusted manual
Included slitting system,
IR-camera for “thickness measurement” by temp.
A single 3 KW motor drives the three haul-off rolls.
maximum speed 36 m/min.

2 station winder for 300mm cores of paper board,
maximum weight 350 kg
maximum speed 36 m/min.

Dryer system:
Colortronic dryer,Model CTT 1200 capacity 4000 kg PET
Year of Manufacture: 2001

SB machinery, Model: DB 550HT weighing dryer, capacity 200 kg PET
Year of Manufacture: 2002 / 2007

Piovan twin dryer system, Model T3001X capacity 275 kg PET
Year of Manufacture: 2004

Piovan dryers, Model TDM610HE, capacity 120 kg PET
Year of Manufacture: 2004

Motan, Model LCA 60 compressed air dryer, capacity 50 kg PET
Year of Manufacture: 2015

Lyle thermoformer
Model: 240 FM servo thermoformer year 2004
Maximum mould size: 2133*1016 mm;
168 ton pressure
Top platen stroke: adjustable from 0-177 mm
Bottom platen stroke: adjustable from 0-177 mm
Segen quick tool change cylinders
Oven length 4267 mm
Top oven Quartz panels, transverse to sheet direction
Bottom Metal faced quartz elements, sheet direction
Cal rod rail heaters
Opening mechanism clamshell

Trim Press:
Producer: Lyle industries INC year 2004
Model: 140 PV vertical trim press
Trim force 30 tons
Platen stroke 228,6 mm
Speed range: 30-100 strokes per minute
Maximum sheet width: 1092 mm
Segen quick tool change cylinders

Tooling for foamed CPET
6 complete tools with several tooling inserts
Size: Approximately 2 meter in length and 1 meter in width direction.
Hot part: Top and bottom tool electrical heated. The temperature of each cavity can be controlled separately.
Cold part: Water cooled.
Top tool: All cavities are exchangeable, Teflon coated.
Bottom tool: Exchangeable Hytac plugs

Available product formats:
Tray Type Tool Number of cavities
OFT 1620 1620/25 1-C 20
OFT 1620 1620/35 1-C 20
OFT 1620 1620/35 2-C 20
OFT 1620 1620/45 1-C 20
OFT 1620 1620/45 2-C 20
OFT 1620 1620/55 1-C 20
OFT 1418 1418/35 1-C 20
OFT 1418 1418/50 1-C 20
OFT 1820 1820/45 1-C 20
OFT 1820 1820/45 2-C 20
OFT 1820 1820/45 3-C 20
AT 1823 1823/45 1-C 16
AT 1823 1823/45 2-C 8
AT 1823 1823/45 3-C 8
AT 1322 1322/35 1-C 20
AT 1727 1727/45 1-C 15
AT 1727 1727/45 2-C 15
AT 1727 1727/45 3-C 15
AT 1523 1523/30 1-C 20
AT 1523 1523/50 1-C 20
AT 1523 1523/65 1-C 20
OFT 1316 1316/40 1-C 35
OFT 1316 1316/50 1-C 35
ATB 183 1830/59 Bowl 20

Pallmann agglomerator
Model: PFV 200/15, 2004

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Garanzia: Senza garanzia

Operatività: In Produzione

Disponibilità: Immediato

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