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TSM Sigmabatch 1999 技术参数

加药计量设备 TSM

二手 TSM Sigmabatch 技术参数

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生产年份: 1999

品牌: TSM

状态: 待售

交货时间: 现货



2 x Stand-alone Vacuum Receivers for connection into existing Sequencer Control Unit:

Vacuum receiver consisting of:
- Large size Reservoir Hopper
1 x Pinch valve situated on bottom of Receiver
- Vacuum loading heads with integral blowback
1 x. Daybin Level Sensor

2-component V-manifold configuration for vacuum return line
Central dust collection filter with inversion valve
TSM pump contactor box
Athmosphere/Vacuurn breaker valve

3 x 4-component Sigmabatcli blender with Extrusion Control and integrated Vacuum Loading:

Standard Sigmabatch blender consisting of:
Biege colour (Standard RAL 7032)
One load cell mounted "gain in weight" hopper
Mixing chamber with patented mixer
Standard 'CL' extruder mounting flange
Neck Drain Sampling shute and Screw Cap
Operator Control console including:
16x40 Backlit Liquid Crystal Display
20 Character membrane Keyboard
7 Metres of cable for remote mounting
37.5mm slide valve insert on 3rd component
50mm slide valve insert on 4th component
1 hroughput of up to 600Kg/H
7.0 Kg Nominal Batch size
4 Top Mount Slide Valves
No Side Mount Screw Feeders Packing

Standard Reservoir hopper mounting flange
Additional Extruder Flange Adaptor

Optional Features available:
Integrated Extrusion Control consisting of :
Control Software allowing Kg/Hr Setpoint Entry
Extruder Drive Interface electronics
Control Accuracy of 4/- 0.5%
Blender to Extruder Control Cabinet cable (5M)

Weight per Lenghth Control consisting of:
Control Software allowing g/m Setpoint Entry
Shaft Encoder for Linespeed feedback
Shaft encoder to Extruder card Junction box
Encoder to junction box cable (5M)
Junction box to Extruder card cable (5M)

Change on Fly' Facility
Allows operator to keep line up while changing from one order to the next. Consists of:
- Non-Return Ball pneumatic valve with electrics
- Reservoir Hopper connector
- Blender throat connector
- 2 Metres of 50mm Flexible pipe
- Interface Software

Integrated Vacuum System:

Additional cost of vacuum receiver if purchased instead of standard reservoir hoppers
Sequence control panel consisting of:
16x40 Backlit Liquid Crystal Display
20 Character membrane Keyboard
Control of up to 30 Vacuum receivers
Can control two separate vacuum groups

4-component manifold configuration straight for vacuum return line
ISM pump contactor box
Athmosphere/Vacuum breaker valve

There is no vacuumpump included in the system
Everything is on pallets today but was working fine before they changed the system.


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可供状态: 现货




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