Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you do not find what you need, pelase contact us at any time by phone or email.

About MachinePoint

We are the biggest trader of European branded used machinery for the plastics and beverage industries.
With over 20 years selling and buying used machines we pride ourselves on having established a procedure that makes transactions secure and professional, as well as bringing the best machinery in the market for sale through our platform.
We are currently a team of over 40 people located in different locations around the globe to serve our key markets. MachinePoint is divided into sales, marketing, logistics, and legal teams. Each team assesses the clients throughout their buying or selling process.

POINT defines the values that move MachinePoint´s team to maintain leadership in the buying and selling of second-hand machinery and engineering services: professionalism, ownership, integrity, neutrality and trustworthiness.

We are traders, not brokers. That means we do not work on commission but buy and sell the used machinery ourselves: we buy the machine from the seller and then sell it to the buyer. The transaction is between Buyer and MachinePoint and Seller and MachinePoint. This guarantees more security for both sides, as they will deal directly and only with MachinePoint, a reputable and financially solid company with over 20 years of references in the industry.

Once a customer gets in contact with MachinePoint he will be assigned a Business Manager which will lead them through the whole buying and selling process. This way you will have a main point of contact within our organization to assist you however needed.

Different corporate teams support and assess Business Managers: marketing, logistics, legal, and financial. Both buyer and seller might have contact with these other teams during their project.

MachinePoint promotes used machinery internationally and in most cases, people from different countries and languages are involved. MachinePoint has a structured and methodical approach to coordinating used machinery projects. Our CRM enables us to track the project, from the moment that the client makes a request for information to the final delivery of the machinery at the final destination and enables us to coordinate vendors from different countries, the legal team and the logistics team, all of whom are necessary to complete a successful transaction.

Our HQ is in Spain, Europe, although our team is geographically dispersed in different countries and continents. Please see here all our locations worldwide.

We are an innovative company and have been promoting remote working for years. This proves beneficial for our employees and customers, as it allows us to be located closer to our main markets. We have invested in the technologies needed to manage a delocalized team worldwide.

MachinePoint is continuously opening new sales offices in key geographical regions.

Today, we have sold machinery in more than 80 countries. Our sales team is specialized by sector and geography and is ready to operate in different languages.

Our business is international by nature through the purchase and sale of excess machinery from one country to another. For competitive advantage, clients mostly prefer to sell their used equipment outside of their local markets. This is why we have never limited ourselves to one single market. We have always considered the world as our market, ever since we started.

However, we can only really penetrate a market with a specific team and strategy. Our approach is mainly to invest in locally-based employees in the markets that we want to enter, with strong support from marketing and product managers.

Our team is multicultural and multilingual, we have over 20 different nationalities in our team. We aim to serve our clients in several languages.

Our website is currently available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Russian and Polish.

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Buying your machine through MachinePoint

You can either contact us directly with your needs ( or search through our inventory to see which machines are currently available:, please see section How do I search for a used machine through MachinePoint´s website?

Alternatively, you can call one of our offices and talk to a Business Manager, please see here all our locations worldwide.

Please define your needs in detail: what you need, buying time and budget; so we can select the right machines for you. Used machines come and go all the time, so it is important to define your desired delivery time correctly so you don’t miss out on opportunities. If you are just looking for information or you want to buy on a later date, please also let our team know so they can subscribe you to our machinery alerts so you stay informed of any new opportunities of used machines appearing for sale.

To search through our inventory you can search by machine type, by brand or by using MachinePoint´s search engine located at the top of each page.

If you search by machine type, you have 12 main categories that open up to 3 levels of different machine types. You can search the 12 main categories on the top menu where it says: “Machines for sale” and also at the home page.

You will be led to a machinery listing with extra categories on the left. MachinePoint sells over 200 different machine types.

At our machinery listings, you can see the machine brand and model as well as the two main technical attributes.
Used machinery listings

You can find our search engine at the top of every page. This is a predictive search engine that will show you a list of results matching your search words. By clicking over the text, you will be led to the page matching those criteria.

Please try to write different synonyms if you do not find what you are looking for or use the fixed categories on the left and top menus.
Search used machinery

Once you have chosen a machine you will enter into the machine page description where you can view the pictures, videos and all technical data. You can print a pdf with all this information for your convenience by pressing the Print bottom.

Print used machine features

To ask for more information about the machine please press the button “ask for machine Price” and fill out all data required. Please also include all other questions you might have about the machine. MachinePoint´s team will shortly get back in touch with a response. Remember to give us full details of your needs: what you are looking for, when you need it and budget if possible.
More information about used machine

Machines come into the market every day. Our inventory is constantly being fed with new opportunities. If you do not find what you need write to us with your needs and we will subscribe you to our machinery alert so you are kept updated with new opportunities.

Machinery newsletter form

  • Access to best used machinery in a single platform: we only promote certain types of machines that keep their value in the used machinery market

  • Machines “factory to factory”. Most of the used machines we promote are at factories and in working condition. Buyers can see them running in their original condition without any reparation of refurbishment that may hide original faults.

    Watching a machine in its original location gives you a great perspective of how it was treated and maintained. You will be able to talk to the technicians that have been operating the machine, and see the quality of the final product.

    As the vast majority of used machines come without guarantee, we believe this is the best way to get a good understanding of the machine you are purchasing. We avoid working with dealers that store machines, as we find it difficult to understand the real quality and history of their equipment.

  • Secure and professional used machinery transactions. Transparency, anti-fraud systems, audited buying and selling processes supported by legal contracts will protect all parties involved, aiming to make transactions smooth and secure.

  • Your money will be safe! You will buy the machine directly from MachinePoint not from the original seller. We are a registered company that has been running for over 20 years and can provide you with all information you might need on request. Any deposits and payments you make to us will be protected by a buying contract that will detail all the buying process.

  • Special insurance! Our insurance policy is specially designed to cover used machinery operations where up to 75% of the value of the same machinery when new is covered. It covers shipments from one or more trucks, intermediate warehouses and all risks from disassembly to delivery of the machine. It is not a traditional transport insurance as these only cover the "journey", and not the other risks of the operation. Most transport insurance policies exclude used equipment. The certificate issued by MachinePoint in conjunction with the insurer offers MachinePoint´s customers the certainty of being correctly insured and being the direct beneficiary of the insurance without intermediaries, but with the support of MachinePoint, while also avoiding fiscal risk. Even more important is to have a logistics team that advises the client in the event of a claim and an insurance company specialized in used industrial machinery and a network of experts sufficient to respond anywhere in the world.

  • Buyers can use our dismantling, loading and logistics services. Our team can personally supervise the whole dismantling and loading. They will send you a full report and also you can have real-time conversations and videos during the dismantling and loading. Our experience and local network of local specialized companies reduces risk and time for buyers when contracting these services through MachinePoint.

  • Free legal assessment. Our legal team can assess you on exporting and importing procedures, complicated financial operations, and solving difficult circumstances.

  • Neutral assessment. We work with all machinery brands without conflict of interest in promoting one brand over another. Also we do not own the machines therefore we do not have any financial interest in one machine over another. Our aim is to offer our buyers the best machines according to their needs.

Article: The benefits of buying second-hand machinery from factory to factory

MachinePoint does not own machinery, we trade it!

We will intermediate the whole operation between you and the seller. Once you decide to purchase a machine we will buy it from the seller and then sell it to you, so you will only deal with MachinePoint and buy the machine from us.

After you contact MachinePoint for information, you will be assigned a Business Manager. Our team is specialized in technology and location and we will try to attend you whenever possible in your native language.

Price and full information will be emailed to you. For any further questions, you can ask your Business Manager directly.

Time is important! Please be aware we are talking about used machines! Each machine is very specific, and the supply of used machinery is limited and changes continuously. If you are interested move quickly.

If we don’t have what you are looking for, please ask to be put on our machinery alert so you can be the first to know about the latest used machinery opportunities.

Once you find a machine suitable for you, we recommend you inspect it personally.

Please see here our full buying process.

MachinePont does not give guarantees over the machines we intermediate. We mainly sell machines from factory to factory so that buyers can see the machines running at their original location. This helps buyers gain a good understanding on where the machine is coming from. Visiting a factory does not only give you information about the machine, but the people that have been running it, how it has been maintained, etc.

We also advise buyers to always inspect the equipment personally before they purchase.

Getting a professional team to dismantle and then install the machine is also important.

Moreover, MachinePoint can arrange professional audits and valuations when requested.

The benefits of buying second-hand machinery from factory to factory

It depends on when the machine becomes available. You can see on MachinePoint´s machinery description when the machine will be available. Once it is available, it depends on the location and final destination, also transport time needs to be taken into account as well. Each project is different and you should be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the MachinePoint team.

Only second-hand machines from top brands maintain value in the used machinery market, especially for international trade. MachinePoint mainly sells top European machinery brands. However, we also work with some of the principal American and Asian brands. The vast majority of our machines are located in Europe, our traditional market for used machinery sourcing. Nevertheless, we also source machines from multinational companies all over the world, which is why you will also find machines in America, Asia, and Africa.

No, you do not have to pay us a commission. MachinePoint will sell you the machine at the established price in the buying contract.

All transactions will be done between you and MachinePoint. This reduces financial risk for you as you will only be dealing with MachinePoint.

You will be paying MachinePoint and buying from us, not from the seller directly. We have made over 200 sales transactions each year for the past 20 years and have a great reputation in the market. Trust is one of our five main company values.

MachinePoint has implemented an antifraud programme; you can read more about it here.

However, if you are feeling insecure about your transaction please do talk to your assigned Business Manager. We do not publish client references to respect confidentiality but we will be more than happy to give you any clients’ personal recommendations if that helps you.

MachinePoint can organize these services for you. Please ask your Business Manager for quotations and our logistics team will prepare them for you.

Dismantling, packing, and transport of industrial equipment can be complicated. MachinePoint has a team specialized to provide these services. Our quotes are competitive and MachinePoint personnel will supervise the dismantling and loading process personally and send you a full report with pictures and videos.
Dismantling correctly is necessary for a future successful start-up of the machinery at its new location.
Packaging correctly reduces the risk of damage caused to machinery if an accident occurs during the transport.

Used machinery market price is mostly determined by offer and demand at any current moment. There is a high correlation between quality and price. Bargains are not easy to find, however, you can always subscribe to our used machinery alert and keep an eye on the market.

Alternatively, you can ask our team what can you get for your budget and they will inform you about the alternatives available.

Note that MachinePoint specializes in moving equipment globally. Most of our used machines are selected because they maintain a value in the market that makes them interesting for international relocation. As transport is expensive, cheap run-down machines are usually better suited to a local sale.

Yes, we can suggest machines that can best suit your needs and your timing and also give you an estimate of costs.

Also, subscribe to your machinery alert to stay informed of used machines entering the market for sale.

Selling your machine with MachinePoint

  • Sellers obtain instant visibility to a global network of buyers over the Internet through our specialized platform. In our highly international business, the Internet is our key tool providing us an affordable way of being present in numerous markets, compared to the cost of other more traditional marketing tools. Furthermore, the significant investment we make in online and offline marketing makes us leaders when promoting machinery, which in turn means efficiency for the vendor.

  • Sell outside your competitive area. Our global promotion benefits selling outside your competitive area.

  • Sell hassle free. MachinePoint takes care of all services and negotiations with buyers. Only serious buyers are presented to sellers. Our team takes care of all language and cultural barriers, as well as defines a promotion outside your competitive area.

  • Get paid cash. You will not have to deal with any letters of credit or other complicated payment methods. MachinePoint will buy the machine directly from you and then sell it to the buyer. This will make it easy for you as they will be dealing directly and only with MachinePoint.

  • Security. MachinePoint has managed to professionalize the used machinery market, providing a huge amount of security and professionalism in operations for buyers and sellers. We have implemented an anti-fraud process within our company procedures.

Please see MachinePoint selling process here.

It’s easy, contact our nearest office to your location with the details of the equipment you have for sale or email us directly at: Our team can give you an estimate on the current market price and demand for your used machine.

It is important you provide us with as much information as possible on your equipment, including pictures and videos.

Alternatively, you can fill out our selling contact request on our web site:

Sell used machinery through MachinePoint

MachinePoint will promote your machine through different channels: firstly to hot buyers that have recently requested a machine similar to yours, then to the general market through our web site, personalized emails, at trade fairs and via our affiliate network. We can also be more aggressive in our promotion for certain machinery, by actively looking for a buyer among our contacts.

Please see MachinePoint used machinery selling process here.

It depends greatly on the machine you are trying to sell and the demand for it in the market. Also, we have to take into account where it is located, as difficult locations are less attractive and more expensive for transport and inspection visits. Finally, the price has to be at the correct level.

An excessively high initial price can result in a machine not selling for a long time, and remember, every day that passes the machine is worth less. MachinePoint assesses machinery sellers on fair market prices. We prefer not to deal with unrealistically high prices offers, even if the machinery is very attractive for the used market. To maintain efficiencies in the used market, machinery must be advertised at the correct fair market value. Be aware that potential buyers are nearly always put-off by highly price unrealistic offers. If your machinery is over-priced any potential buyers that could be interested in your machinery will almost certainly continue looking in the market for other offers or even decide it makes more sense to buy new machinery instead. Until your machinery is correctly priced in the used market it will not sell.

Like everything else, the price for used machinery is determined by offer and demand. MachinePoint can give you a free quote for your machinery. Depending on the industry, technological changes, brands, etc, machines keep more or less their value in the second hand machinery market. There is a strong correlation between price and the length of time it takes to sell the machinery.

Our marketing team uses different online and offline promotional tools. We receive over 2000 buying requests each month. Important is our wide database of potential buyers currently looking to purchase machines. When a used machine enters our system for sale, it is initially promoted among those buyers looking to buy right now. Then it is offered to the market through internet exposure, personalized emails, trade fairs and our affiliate network. A monthly report will be sent to you with the statistics of your machinery promotion.

Our global presence in the used machinery market is unique, thanks to our strong marketing and commercial presence in different continents. MachinePoint is one of the first options that buyers look at when searching to purchase a used machine.

Your machinery is offered at the price agreed with you to a global market, at no extra cost to you. If there is a region in particular where you do not want to sell your machine, just tell us upfront so we will not promote it in those areas.

Our penetration in different geographical regions allows sellers access to markets where they would otherwise not reach when trying to sell by themselves.

Most likely, yes. MachinePoint always recommends buyers to personally inspect the machine and see it when possible in running condition. We will inform you of any inspection visits required and organize them with you. An agreement will be signed by the buyer, seller, and MachinePoint to protect all parties involved. Having a machine clean and in running conditions, as well as providing all information you have available will greatly help the sale.

No, we will not charge you a commission. Once we receive a formal offer from a buyer, you will sign a sales agreement with MachinePoint where agreed price and selling conditions are clearly defined.

MachinePoint will pay you directly, not the buyer. The timing, as well as price and other selling conditions, will be defined in the sales contract that you will negotiate with MachinePoint.

Usually, the full amount will be paid to you before the machine is dismantled and loaded.

As a seller, you will need to provide us full information on the machine and let us visit and see the machine with potential buyers.

After a formal offer, you will have to sign a selling agreement with MachinePoint defining final price, conditions, and timings.

Parallel to this MachinePoint will sign an agreement with the buyer.

Agreements protect all parties involved in the transaction buyer, seller, and MachinePoint.

Transport & Logistics

MachinePoint has a wide network of local dismantling partners worldwide. Our team can arrange and project manage dismantling, loading, and packaging of your used machine at the origin. Most customers rely on MachinePoint to handle these services, as they usually do not have contacts at the country where the machinery is located. Doing this with MachinePoint offers extra security for a buyer rather than managing it themselves. The MachinePoint team when contracted, will be personally present to supervise all the works and send the buyer a full report, pictures, and videos. Our experience in dismantling and loadings, as well as having a well-selected network of partners reduces risk, time, and money for buyers.

MachinePoint can arrange for your transport upon request. Equipment machinery transport can be difficult especially for large complex equipment and in certain locations.

Another important point is to check well all insurances and their contracts with the companies involved. MachinePoint logistics department has an insurance policy that is specially designed to cover used machinery operations where up to 75% of the value of the same machinery new is covered.

Fixing the machinery correctly within the containers will determine if you will be able to make a claim to the insurance company in case of an accident during transport. Please be aware transport companies do not fix the machines to containers, and this has to be done by professionals if you want to avoid unwanted surprises.

MachinePoint logistics team has a vast experience in managing international equipment transport for those clients that want to contract our services. Please see here a couple of articles on this subject that may interest you. Even if you are not buying a machine from us, please feel free to contact our logistics department if you want a quotation.

When dismantling, loading and packaging services are project managed by MachinePoint we supervise all insurances and the contracts with the companies involved.

For customers contracting transport from MachinePoint our insurance policy is specially designed to cover used machinery transport where up to 75% of the value of the same machinery new is covered.

It covers shipments from one or more trucks, intermediate warehouses and all risks from disassembly to delivery of the machine. It is not a traditional transport insurance as these only cover the "journey", and not the other risks of the operation. Most transport insurance excludes used equipment. The certificate issued by MachinePoint in conjunction with the insurer offers MachinePoint´s customers the certainty of being correctly insured and being the direct beneficiary of the insurance without intermediaries, but with the support of MachinePoint, while also avoiding fiscal risks. Even more important is to have a logistics team that advises the client in the event of a claim and an insurance company with specialization in used industrial machinery and a network of experts to respond anywhere in the world.

Please read these success stories about some of our projects:

We have experience in moving equipment to and from the most remote places. Please read here about some of our projects. We analyse each case in particular and find the most suitable solution.

The logistics for industrial equipment are highly complex depending on the weight and size of the machinery. Added to this we have the complexity of international trade, different legislation, various languages, etc, and therefore it can be very complicated for one company that is not used to handling operations like these. MachinePoint can organize the equipment logistics for its clients. We have an in-house logistics team specialized in heavy equipment and international trade, we also have an in-house legal team that assesses customers. Moreover, after 20 years in business our network of service providers is tried and tested, this is why we are more than capable of carrying out even the most complex of projects.

MachinePoint has achieved a leading position in the used machinery market as it was founded with the aim of professionalizing the used machinery industry and bringing transparency and security to used machinery transactions.

We have also launched a fraud protocol internally to avoid tricky situations and where we have used all of these 20 years' experience to develop contracts that protect all sides from all situations we have already experienced. Compliance is not merely a department or set of rules to follow, it is embedded in our company culture and a fundamental part of the way we do business.

Safe Used Machinery transactions are a must

Through MachinePoint Engineering Division, we can offer customers the start-up and installation of complete lines that include used machinery for certain industries. We can also offer used machinery start-up when requested. Please ask our engineering team for further information:
Please see here a project completed by our engineering team:
MachinePoint Engineering equips Exotic Food new production plant in Thailand

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal, and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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