International equipment transport

international machinery transport
The international transport of industrial machinery requires specialised knowledge and skills due to the complex dimensions and weights of the machines, with the additional use of cranes and special packaging usually required to make it possible. Also some times special types of trucks and transport route have to be chosen to allow the moving of certain volumes.

MachinePoint offers an international transportation service for heavy industrial machinery to our customers.

Our machinery professionals personally supervise all equipment loadings and packaging to ensure the compliance of all steps and requirements as well as the good condition of the equipment during transport.

We work hand in hand with international and local transport companies to facilitate this service. This way we combine our expertise in machinery, and it is our machinery professionals the ones who manage and follow up of the whole project of transport and packaging.

Please contact us if you need to arrange transportation and packaging machinery.
Special transport for industrial machinery
This is a professional machinery works hand in hand with a professional transport so as to achieve better results in the transport of industrial machinery and minimize risks of damage and delays in transit.

For over 10 years offering machinery transportation services to our customers, and have organized more than 1000 transport heavy equipment to many different parts of the world.

If you need to hire equipment transportation services internationally can count on our services. Our agreements with logistics companies worldwide, our knowledge of how to disassemble, pack, and transport machinery, as well as our local and international geographic presence, they can be of great help in organizing the transport machinery.
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