Used NISSEI ASB machines for sale

Nissei ASB is located in Nagaro, Japon. Established in 1978 is a leading manufacturer of PET machinery PET and other plastic bottles, stretch blow molding machines, molds, auxiliary equipment and parts. It has a worldwide network of sales offices and subsidiaries. They have currently the following series of machines: ABS, PF, PM, CM, HSB. Processors in all continents buy Nissei machines to produce small scale filling, filling in medium size bottles, pet containers and non-pet containers, jars, large containers, very large containers, producing preforms. Nissei machines are used for filling mineral water, edible oil, carbonated soft drinks, hot-fill. MachinePoint sells used NISSEI injection moulding machines, injection blow moulding amchines, stretch blow moulding machines, injection stretch moulding machines, mould and die cleaning equipment.