Jobs in the food, beverage and packaging sector
MachinePoint is a company that offers great opportunities of growth and professional development in a very specific sector: The Used Machinery Trade.

Our international scope makes us have a strong professional team composed of people from different nationalities, cultures and much diversified fields.

Native people from about 10 nationalities have gathered together to compose MachinePoint’s team aiming to our customer a more specific, personalized and effective business relationship.

It's our objective to conciliate and maintain our flexibility in regards to our people. That´s why one of our main and most important values is the non-discrimination because of Race, Sex, Culture or Religion. This is demonstrated through different aspects in the company like the multinational working environment, a team of more than 50% women. Our conciliating policy is also one of our best advantages: Possibility for Home work, working hours flexibility, special permits, worry about our staff´s problems and situations, etc.

Join MachinePoint Professional Team and enjoy our multicultural environment, flexibility, professional development, teamwork, diversity and a new future with us.

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Head Office - Europe
Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo
Calle Andrés Laguna 9-11
E - 47151 Valladolid
+34 983 549 900
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