The disassembly of used machinery calls for expert skill and precise handling to guarantee a safe and efficient process, enabling smooth reassembly without any issues.

In an industrial machinery buying and selling process, proper dismantling plays a pivotal role in ensuring successful delivery and customer satisfaction. At MachinePoint, we boast a global network of specialized companies proficient in dismantling heavy equipment, offering a comprehensive solution for the secure and efficient transportation of machinery.

MachinePoint's dismantling process commences with meticulous planning and an in-depth assessment of the equipment earmarked for relocation. A dedicated team orchestrates each phase of the process, guaranteeing a streamlined and secure dismantling operation.

Before initiating the dismantling procedure, we conduct a meticulous analysis of the machinery slated for disassembly, taking into account factors such as size, weight, structure, and unique attributes. This personalized approach enables us to formulate strategies tailored to the distinctive prerequisites of each piece of equipment and the exigencies of transportation.

Manufacturers design machines to be packaged, transported, and installed with the utmost ease and efficiency, ultimately reducing the cost of procuring new equipment. When dealing with second-hand machinery, it's imperative to underscore this concept, as additional considerations come into play when plotting the dismantling process.

In numerous instances, second-hand machines have been customized to the facilities of the vendors who employed them. Consequently, it's not uncommon for the machines to occupy more space during disassembly than during the initial delivery of the equipment. A meticulously devised operational blueprint minimizes expenses by curtailing unnecessary delays and unforeseen contingencies that may arise once the dismantling process is underway.

Dismantling is a pivotal phase in the life cycle of used machinery, setting the stage for trouble-free future reassembly. Methodically documenting and tracking this process not only aids future technicians during reassembly but also instills confidence in the purchaser.

What does MachinePoint's machinery dismantling process entail?

1. The contracted dismantling company will be fully insured against liability, encompass social security coverage, hold disassembly certifications, and possess personnel training certificates to ensure meticulous work execution.

2. We formulate an all-encompassing dismantling operations plan, incorporating precise measurements and weights to orchestrate a timeline for the dismantling, packaging, loading, and transportation phases. This data is gathered by our adept technicians and our extensive network of machine handling specialists. An effective planning approach minimizes waiting periods, thus curbing costs associated with unforeseen complications, while also facilitating accurate transportation cost estimates by anticipating spatial requirements.

3. Upon request, mechanical components and cables will be meticulously marked prior to dismantling, and comprehensive documentation of all dismantling activities will be compiled.

4.We meticulously disconnect electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, product, water, gas, oil, and air supplies to mitigate accidents and expedite the reinstallation process. The dismantling experts meticulously segregate various machine components to ensure a snug fit within transport equipment and to facilitate seamless reinstallation.

5. Machines containing oils, quenching fluids, hydraulic fluids, or other liquids will undergo proper drainage to avert contamination and spillage during transit. In some regions, certified companies must undertake this task to guarantee the eco-friendly recycling of hazardous or pollutant materials such as oil.

6. We employ appropriate equipment for the secure extraction of machines, utilizing tools like cranes, forklifts, skates, jacks, and more to prevent any damage prior to the packing phase. The operational plan must outline the extraction procedure and the weight of each piece to determine the requisite equipment.

At MachinePoint, we spearhead the organization, oversight, and real-time monitoring of the dismantling process, ensuring that our clients can rely on a seasoned cadre of technicians and providers for the secure dismantling of second-hand machinery.

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal, and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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