Our Team

Our dedicated team brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for excellence to every project we undertake, ensuring top-notch results.

At MachinePoint, we are a diverse group of professionals from different parts of the world, united by a common purpose: to provide exceptional service to our clients in every project.

Each member of our team has been selected not only for their experience and knowledge but also for their attitude and eagerness to grow in the used machinery industry.

We love to collaborate and share ideas across departments. We regularly come together to discuss projects, exchange knowledge, and find joint solutions. This collaborative mindset allows us to make the most of our skills and experience, driving innovation and the growth of our company.

Sales Team: Specialization at your service

Our sales team is the visible face of MachinePoint. It is composed of men and women from different cultures who have a deep understanding of the specific needs of each market. Their dedication and knowledge allow us to establish a close collaboration with our clients and ensure their satisfaction in every project. Additionally, they are always ready to find solutions that respond to our clients' needs.

Creative Minds, Technological Solutions

In an increasingly digital world, our IT team is essential in providing a smooth and enjoyable online experience for our clients. We have highly skilled professionals in various technical disciplines, development, and design. Their dedication and experience ensure that our digital platform is always up-to-date and user-friendly, allowing users to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Logistics Management without Borders

Our logistics team is responsible for ensuring that each machine reaches any part of the world efficiently and safely. From packaging and loading to paperwork management, the department works closely with all parties involved to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Creativity in Action

The marketing team is dedicated to keeping MachinePoint at the forefront of the major markets. Through various communication channels such as social media, trade fairs, direct and online marketing, we make sure to be present when companies and professionals need quality used machinery. Their creativity and strategic skills allow us to reach new customers and maintain strong relationships with our business partners.

Worry-Free Procedures

Behind every project, there is a dedicated administration and legal team. Our specialized staff takes care of all aspects related to payments, documentation, contracts, and the necessary legal advice to ensure a successful closure in every transaction. You can rely on them to carry out all the necessary procedures and ensure that everything is in order.

The Engine of Talent

Human Resources plays a fundamental role in MachinePoint as our greatest asset is the people who are part of our team. The HR department recruits, develops, and retains the best talent in the industry. We strive to create an inclusive and motivating work environment where each person has the opportunity to grow professionally and reach their full potential.

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal, and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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