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Our multi-expertise team differentiates us from our competitors on a global scale.

We have meticulously hand picked and recruited individuals of the highest calibre and trained them, so that they encompass a solid technical as well as commercial knowledge of their specific sector within the machinery industry.

Our multilingual, multicultural sales team are dedicated to fulfilling your every need and requirement, this is achieved with the support of our other teams during the different stages of the project.

Machinery specialists - a team of experts, each specialized by technology and machine type, constantly support our sales team throughout the projects to make the right offers to buyers and sellers and give them the right assessment on the most complicated technical issues. They are at hand to talk to you if required.

Logistics team - experts in complex industrial logistics, they handle all the transport and packaging procedures on a worldwide scale.

Engineering team - MachinePoint can arrange any engineering services that you may require. Having developed partnerships with an extended network of local engineering companies, we can provide you with the best local engineering services to be found in your area.

International country manager industry
Marketing team - specialized by geographical area, they continuously build, and work to maintain the strong MachinePoint presence in key markets via the media, trade fairs, direct marketing and on-line marketing

MachinePoint Finance - an independent subsidiary of MachinePoint Group that is dedicated to offering financial solutions to our customers. Please contact MachinePoint Finance for equipment financing solutions.

IT team - all our projects are integrated into an ERP
system to guarantee the correct follow-up of all transactions and steps of the projects. All our actions are monitored, so that we can guarantee the right service and quality to our customers.

Admin and legal team they take care of payments, legal documents, contracts and any legal advice that may be required. They also arrange and take care of travel plans and visas
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