Used machines in Europe

Used machines in europe
The market for buying and selling used machinery in Europe is one of constant growth. MachinePoint Used Machinery is a Spanish company with deep-rooted European values. It was created in response to the increasing demand for high quality used machinery in the plastics industry. Today we are represented in countries such as France, Germany, England, Italy and Turkey.

Over the past few years MachinePoint has increased its presence in Eastern European countries. Through our sales office in Poland, we serve those territories where we have experienced a high rate of development in recent years.

Thanks to our global presence we have built an interconnected supply and demand network for used machinery worldwide.

Used machinery is the best alternative for new companies or companies that want to grow, as it offers many advantages such as being able to purchase excellent equipment at lower prices, or with faster delivery times. Also recycling high quality used machinery can help reduce pollution and protect the environment more.

The European market is one of the most attractive markets in the world for the purchase of used machines. EU legislation offers guarantees to consumers that are not as readily available elsewhere.

European companies are our largest suppliers for used machinery. They tend to change their equipment more frequently than in other regions, which generates a larger supply of second-hand machinery that meets the demand from other continents. There is also a strong demand for used machinery within Europe itself.

Machinepoint currently manages more than 1300 used machines from the plastics, packaging and beverage industries, making it an international reference in these sectors.

To contact our sales representatives in the different European countries, you can do so through the forms provided on our website, by e-mail, or by phoning any of our offices.

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