Used HUSKY machines for sale

“FindHusky Injection Systems is a leading manufacturer for PET plastic preforms machinery and plastic caps equipment. Their machines serve the production of PET bottles, bottles for beverage, cosmetics and other liquids. It also manufactures different tonnage injectors, controllers and hot runners.
The best-known machine models are HyPET, H-PET AE, HyCAP, HyPAC, Hylectric. MachinePoint is Husky's preferred used equipment reseller, allowing us to have access to used Husky equipment with priority. MachinePoint has used PET preform machinery for sale, used cap injectors, second hand injectors of different tonnages and large tonnages, high-speed injection machines. Husky machinery is a reference in the industry for those companies that want to have in their facilities a leading machinery to manufacture preforms, caps, PET bottles and injected parts.