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Empowering Industries Worldwide with Premium Used Machinery Solutions - Welcome to MachinePoint!

At MachinePoint, we have been working alongside our clients since 1997. Today, we are the leading European company in the used machinery market for the plastic, packaging, and beverage industries.

The journey to get here has not been easy, especially in a highly fragmented market filled with numerous small companies that lack the ability to offer optimal levels of quality and service. Investing in machinery poses significant challenges, making it essential to reduce associated risks.

Our purpose has always been to professionalize and raise standards in this field. Over the years, we have established an extensive network of suppliers at an international level and implemented a rigorous business auditing process, which has positioned us as a global reference.

At MachinePoint, we not only offer a wide range of used equipment but also provide personalized, fast, and efficient support throughout the entire process. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to reduce initial investment with used equipment or a company seeking speed and risk reduction, we are here to guide and assist you at every step of the way.

Our international presence, experience, and detailed business approach guarantee secure transactions and avoid unnecessary problems. We take pride in saying that we have raised the standards in the used equipment trading industry, thanks to our professionals who are committed to excellence.

We have chosen to specialize because we firmly believe it is the key to standing out. We have focused on the beverage, packaging, and plastic sectors. Our team is highly qualified in cutting-edge technologies such as plastic film extrusion and processing, tube, hose, and profile production (both rigid and flexible), PET preform and bottle manufacturing, carbonated and water beverage filling lines, single-use packaging, dairy products, compounding, and thermoplastic recycling.

At MachinePoint, we have made the difficult easy. We adapt to our clients' needs and provide exceptional service that sets us apart.


The history of MachinePoint is a living testament to the perseverance and entrepreneurial vision of a group of founders. In 1997, the company was founded with a clear focus on providing solutions in the used machinery market for the plastic and packaging industries.

At that time, the internet was expanding across all segments of society, and they realized they could create a digital platform that efficiently and transparently connected buyers and sellers of second-hand machinery.

MachinePoint focused on this market, allowing them to specialize and build a solid reputation. They established commercial offices in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, North America, and Latin America, enabling them to serve clients worldwide.

As MachinePoint began to grow, the team expanded, and highly skilled professionals in key areas such as technology, logistics, and marketing joined the company.

Today, MachinePoint is a strong and forward-looking company. We have over 40 employees from 10 different nationalities and have demonstrated that with determination and a clear vision, dreams can become a reality.

Together, we have formed a unique company that not only engages in machinery trading but also offers dismantling, packaging, transportation, and machine installation services anywhere in the world. Excellence in execution has become our hallmark.

At MachinePoint, we continue to invest in the growth and success of the plastic, packaging, and beverage industries. We look towards the future by adapting to new technologies and making the difficult easy for our customers, so they can continue to place their trust in us as they have done all these years.


1997 – MachinePoint founded

1999 – Capital search to advance the MachinePoint project

2000 – International expansion thanks to investment from Warburg Pincus, a venture capital firm. Expansion throughout Europe and worldwide expansion of operations and services

2002 – Business model expansion to become an intermediary company, not just a marketplace

2003 – MachinePoint becomes a private company with a change in the business model

2004 – MachinePoint begins to grow and establishes a presence in the market 2006 – Business area expanded with the beverages and dairy division

2009 – Continued international expansion in India and North Africa

2010 – Commercial office opened in Turkey, a key country for expansion into Asia

2010 – First complete plant installed in Africa

2011 – Expanded international market with representation in Mexico

2014 – MachinePoint continues its expansion in Kenya and Latin American countries such as Argentina, Peru, and Colombia

2016 – MachinePoint establishes a presence in trade fairs and markets in Southeast Asia

2017 – Engineering and complete plant services introduced for the beverage industry

2017 – Office expansion in Valladolid to accommodate the growing team

2017 – Introduction of a new corporate image

2018 – MachinePoint celebrates 20 years of success in the used machinery trading industry 2020 – Engineering team builds a complete plant in Thailand

2020 – Commercial team created for the Asian continent 2020 – MachinePoint adapts to COVID by transitioning the workforce to remote work

2021 – Team established for the American continent

2021 – Recovery of international trade fair presence after the COVID hiatus

2022 – MachinePoint triumphs at the K fair and establishes itself as the industry's preferred company for used equipment management.

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal, and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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