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KHS GmbH is a German machine manufacturer for filling and packaging equipment for the beverage, food, and non-food sectors. It was started in 1993 as a result of a merger between Holstein & Kappert AG of Dortmund (founded in 1868) and Seitz-Werke GmbH (founded in 1887). It belongs to Salzgitter Klöckner-Werke GmbH, a member of Salzgitter AG. It employees over 4000 people and has a worldwide presence. KHS produces equipment for the processing of beer, still water, soft drinks, milk, juices and ice tea, spirits and food. MachinePoint sells KHS second hand lines: complete glass filling lines aseptic and non-aseptic for different types of drinks, KHS complete can filling lines, PET filling lines for drinks. It also sells KHS machines such as can fillers and cappers, glass bottle fillers, PET fillers, mixers, etc.
Brand - Model Machine type Year

KHS - Innofill DRF66

Complete glass filling lines2000

KHS - Innosept Asbofill ABF 712C

Complete Non-carbonated Aseptic Filling Line for drinks2019

KHS - Blomax 18

Stretch blow moulding machines2007


Pasteurization Tunnels2000


Complete glass filling lines1991

KHS - Combi REV-H2 40/10 KK

Complete glass filling lines1998

KHS - Innofil DMG 144

Complete glass filling lines2004

KHS - Asmofill ACF 24-60-48-12

Complete Non-carbonated Aseptic Filling Line for drinks2005

KHS - ROLA H2 36/5KK

Complete glass filling lines1998

KHS - CMS 070-2-LM

Handle applicator2006

KHS - Innoclean FR-DR 70/113 B/RL RA

Complete Non-carbonated Aseptic Filling Line for drinks2000

KHS - Innoket

Labelling machine for glass bottles2005


Complete glass filling lines1994


Washing machine for glass bottles1993

KHS - Blomax 6

Stretch blow moulding machines1998

KHS - Innofil DC VVF 105 72/12 CSD

Complete glass filling lines2013SOLD

KHS - Hasna 100/202/20

Complete filling lines for carbonated drinks2009SOLD


Complete filling lines for carbonated drinks2007SOLD

KHS - Rolatronic 72

Complete glass filling lines1984SOLD
KHS Innofill DRF66 - MachinePoint

KHS Innofill DRF66 - 2000

Complete KHS Glass Filling Line Year 2000
Product: Carbonated Drink with Alcohol. Shelf life: 18 months
- Unpacker: Rubber bag SYSTEM RES & Crane Hitachi 500kg
- Washer: KRONES Lavatec KESK Year 2003
- Caustic Soda Equipment: Pump MarelliMotor, Pump Lowara, Tank Jaroen Loha
- Depalletizer Year 2003 (includes x-lift)
- Empty Bottle Inspecti...

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