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Używana Wydmuchiwarki: SMF Combi 400 2010

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Wydmuchiwarki - SMF - Combi 400

Dane techniczne maszyny używanej SMF Combi 400

Ref.: 300030865

Marka: SMF

Rok: 2010

Inne specyfikacje:

The machine has air recovery system
Installed in 2008
Currently working with 0,5 l PET bottle for still water
It can blow 200 cc-2,5 l PET bottles. It needs only 25 bar air pressure, therefore the electricity consume is very low
The machine can be easily integrated to the current existing lines.
With help of a small additional device, the blower connected to the line without any problem.
It doesn't need long air conveyors.

The machine is for sale with 2 other Kombi 4000 machines (ref. ID:

Number of cavities-------2
Max. bottle diameter--105 mm
Max. body height------340 mm
Max. neck diameter----38 mm
Bottle capacity-----------0,2-2,5 l
Production output----4000 bph
Motors---------------------2 kW
Heating capacity---------64 kW
Operating air--------------8 bar/120 Nm3
Blow air-------------------25 bar/200 Nm3
Water inlet temperature--7 C
Water inlet pressure------3 Bar
Cooling capacity----12000 kcal/h

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