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Used LG LGH2500M of 2003 for sale

Injection molding machine from 1000 T LG, You can contact our team and analyze your needs so we can offer you the best possible solution depending on your budget.

Data Sheet of Used LG LGH2500M

Ref. : 300035544

Year: 2003

Brand: LG

Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Clamping Force: 2500 ton

Shot Weight (Max): 10880 g

Distance Between Tie-Bars (H): 1810 mm

Distance Between Tie-Bars (V): 1610 mm

Platen Size (H): 2480 mm

Platen Size (V): 2250 mm

Screw Diameter: 140 mm


Mould Thickness (Max): 1700 mm

Mould Thickness (Min): 900 mm

Daylight Between Platens (Max): 3600 mm

Ejector Force: 60 ton

Ejector Stroke: 350 mm

Screw Speed: 90 rpm

Injection Volume: 11820 cm³

Injection Pressure: 1775 bar

Injection Rate: 1510 cm³/s

Plasticising Capacity: 208.333333333333 g/s

Heating Capacity: 84.6 kW

Oil Tank Capacity: 3800 l

Other Specifications:

Injection unit code: i215
Injection capacity PS: g 10880 - oz 383
Injection capacity PE: g 8630 - oz 304
Max. screw speed: rpm 90/90/75 (90/85/65)
Mold opening force: ton 165
Clamping stroke: mm 2700
Mold close speed (High): m/min 43 (35.8)
Mold close speed (Low): m/min 2
Mold open speed (High): m/min 43 (35.8)
Mold open speed (Low): m/min 2
Electric motor: kW 55+55+55+11

includes ROBOT Yudo

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

Frequency: 60 Hz

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