Used NIMCO 380QLCP of 2011 for sale

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Data Sheet of Used NIMCO 380QLCP

Ref. : 300038231

Technical Specifications:

Volume (Max): 1000 ml

Volume (Min): 250 ml

Format: Gable top

Output: 2400 U/h

Other Specifications:

Carton filling machine Nimco 380QLCP

Volume: 8 oz to 32 oz
- 250 ml to 1000 ml
- 177 ml to 1136 ml (optional)
Fill Height: 36 mm to 224 mm

Cross-Section: 70 mm X 70 mm

Capacity: 35-40 cartons/minute

Without cap and without Ultra clean system.

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Dismantled. Can't be seen in running condition


Final Products: Milk, Liquid Yoghurt

Used Materials: Carton

Processes: Filling

Application: Clean

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