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Used Other carton filling machine: EVERGREEN Q7 of 1980

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Other carton filling machine - EVERGREEN - Q7

Data Sheet of Used EVERGREEN Q7

Ref.: 300038583


Year: 1980

Other Specifications:

Evergreen (USA brand) filler, Model Q7, from 1980 (refurbished in 1997)

Capacity: 6000 cartons/hour
Heater: LPG/Electric
Packaging: 330ml, 500ml & 1-litre cartons with Gable top and cap.

Available by Dec 2018.
Still under operation and well maintained.
It can be used for both hot and cold fill with suitable blanks from Evergreen recommendation.
It can be run with 330ml, 500ml and 1 L with change over to suitable nozzles Kit and minor adjustments.
It is currently operating at 330ml format for cold fill of fresh juices (mango, pineapple...)

Estimated shelf life of the fresh juices: 51 days with cold chain management.
No EVOH barrier.
Diameter of the caps: 28 mm
Includes: spout Applicator and HEPA filters