Used OMV F-85 of 2005 for sale

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Data Sheet of Used OMV F-85

Ref. : 300039606

Year: 2005

Brand: OMV

Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Material :PS

Forming Area (Vxh): 1000x730

Other Specifications:

Sheet extrusion line, thermoforming machine OMV F-85, grinder TRIA 1200

Product: Plate

Main extruder 100-35:1
Motor CC

Flat die: width 1100 mm
Calender 501-A-T 1200
Thermoforming machine OMV F85

Max. Forming area 1000*730 mm
Max. forming depth 100 mm
Min.forming depth 15mm
Sheet thickness 0,25/2.2 mm
Max. sheet width 1060mm
Thermoformable material: HIPS/ABS/EPS/PVC

Grinder TRIA 1200
Packaging machine SCHIB Model СО 130 TG - Year 2008
Automatic label aplicator : VIDEOJET LABEL APL model 210 LH-- year 2010

Moulds OMV are avaliable for extra price

Mold for 12 cavities plates:Diam 210mm, OMV F-85

Mold for 20 cavities plates:Diam 167mm, OMV F-85

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

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